When it comes to your business’s Facebook Page visibility, it can feel like you’re talking and no one is listening. It’s not that you aren’t posting quality information, it’s that Facebook keeps changing their algorithms making it more difficult to reach your fans.

facebook page visibility

Recently, we’ve seen many brand pages trying to increase their Facebook Page visibility with pleas to like or comment on posts to help garner more traffic on their pages.

Unfortunately, that tactic won’t work in the long run.

This isn’t a a problem that seems to be going away either. Brandon McCormick, director of communications at Facebook, acknowledged Facebook Page visibility by businesses, unless they’re paying to promote them, is declining.

So what can you do about it?

Some of you may be screaming “Dump Facebook!” While we understand your frustration, Facebook still has its merits.

Paying for Facebook ads may not be in your budget – and that’s absolutely fine! These changes with Facebook Page visibility provide an excellent opportunity re-evaluate your social marketing campaigns!

Diversify Social Media Content In Lieu of Focusing Solely on Facebook Page Visibility

facebook post visibility

Twitter is still one of the best ways to get blog posts, news stories and other media to influencers. Something that makes Twitter even better is there’s (currently) no algorithm to determine what content is seen and what isn’t. Regular non-automated Tweets can still be used to post content that reaches a wide audience.

Google+ is an SEO essential, if for no other reason than Google favors it.  The faster something is shared on G+, the more quickly it’s crawled and indexed. Depending on your marketing goals, some companies might find this network more valuable than Facebook at this point.

Facebook isn’t without value – it’s simply arrived where it’s been headed for some time. That being said, Likes, comments and shares still have plenty of value, especially when it comes to customer loyalty and engagement.

It’s possible that, much like email marketing, Facebook will be a way to manage interested prospects and regular customers, rather than as a way to drum up new business.

Share your Facebook frustrations with us! Are you having trouble with decreased Facebook page visibility?

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