The newest social media network running rampant amongst bloggers is called Pippit. Many say it’s what Instagram and Pinterest would look like if they had a baby.

Pippit allows you to create and share “pips” from your blog posts, photos, and videos within a single mobile app. You can see blog posts, photos, and videos from your favorite bloggers, friends, and brands all in one place.

With Pippit, you can:

1. Shop by clicking on links within photos and videos
2. Find helpful info from bloggers by clicking on links and captions within photos and videos
3. Use conversation threads to talk back and forth and make sure your answers don’t get lost
4. Let others know and keep a list of which “pips” you like, want, and find useful
5. Use this list of your opinions to go back and buy an item, find a recipe, plan a trip, do a project, etc.
6. Enable your feed to amplify “pips” and content from the people you pay most attention.

Dots are placed within each “pip” filled with hyperlinks, detailed info, and descriptions. New blog posts can automatically show up in your feed.

For example, you can add a dot to reference a the exact recipe for a cake in your photo and add a dot to link to where to buy the cake stand. It makes it easy to not only share your experiences but help others go out and experience them as well directly and immediately.

pippit pippit

For bloggers and brands, Pippit drives mobile traffic to your online site, blog, or store.
You can place dots on “pips” to:
1. Link back from photos and videos to a site or your blog
2. Monetize mobile content with links
3. Track engagement and click-through’s with analytics
4. Gather various opinions on content
5. Add detailed descriptions to specific spots in photos and videos
6. Include recipes, step-by-step instructions, captions, and commentary in each “pip”

Pippit is still in the beta version, so there may be some kinks. You can buy it for $2.59 on the App Store. Have you tried Pippit yet? What do you think?

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