Children of the ’80s: the Trapper Keeper is returning to back-to-school shelves – but this time it’s designed for iPad cases!

The Trapper Keeper, the beloved organizational tool that was all but ubiquitous in classrooms in the 1980s and 1990s, kept two generations of school kids organized. Not only was the Trapper Keeper a great way to keep your papers from falling out of folders and classwork organized, it was the ultimate status symbol.

Case-maker, Kensington, is partnering with Mead for the Trapper Keeper relaunch, so in addition to the gloriously 80s graphics, there is also a composition-style notebook, as well as a version of the Pee-Chee sketchbook you might have doodled upon in class.

ipad cases

The cases will come in two sizes (seven-inch or 10-inch, $25-30), so it works for iPad cases and other tablets, and will fold open into stands so you can watch Facts of Life on your Trapper Keeper. By the way, if you’re feeling more analog these days, Trapper Keeper does have versions of its old school notebooks for sale as well. 

However, if the Trapper Keeper isn’t your style, we gathered a list of other stylish iPad cases you might like.

1. JL Quincy iPad case – $86. These iPad cases are designed for the iPad 2 and 3 (iPad 1 is too thick to fit in the strap and case).
2. WorldDesigns iPad case – $30. This handmade item from Etsy is designed with cotton, wood and linen.
3. BookBook Handmade iPad cover – $70. For those who miss the romance of an old-fashioned book, this clever case does the trick. It also folds back into a hands-free stand.
4. Kate Spade Canvas Kindle Cover – $25.  Each canvas cover boasts the title of a literary classic such as Great ExpectationsThe Importance of Being Earnest, and The Great Gatsby.
5.  Rebecca Minkoff Starlight iPad case – $195. This pebbled leather iPad case features two-way reversible sequins. Studs at sides. Tassel detail at zip closure. Canvas trim and slip-entry opening at lined interior.

What’s your favorite iPad case? Will you be checking out the new Trapper Keepers?

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