August 14th, 2014

You might have noticed you’re getting more Twitter mobile notifications on your phone or tablet. The amount of information you’re receiving in a push alert is more than just notifications about mentions or retweets— users are starting to see follower suggestions, ongoing conversations and news alerts.

These notification types are the extension of features Twitter first rolled out last fall. However, in recent weeks, users are starting to see all kinds of alerts. Some of these are about breaking news. Others are about engagement level on a tweet. Others still are recommendations about who to follow. The new Twitter mobile notifications are also starting to notify users when several people they follow are talking about the same subject.

twitter mobile notifications

Sometimes the notifications are great – when they are in the context of breaking news – but learning a few of your friends are talking about Seinfeld is just unnecessary.

Fortunately, it is possible to refine those Twitter mobile notifications within Twitter‘s settings. Unfortunately, accessing those settings isn’t as straightforward as you might hope.

How To Tame Twitter Mobile Notifications


To access your notification settings, tap on the “Me” icon. On the iPhone, this is on the bottom bar. On the iPad, it’s on the bottom of the left sidebar. Then tap on the gear icon and select Settings.

This will pull up your Settings panel. Tap on the account you want to modify.

This will open up the notifications area. This is what controls the Twitter mobile notifications you want to turn off or on. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the full list of choices.


On Android, tap the icon Menu icon in the upper-right hand corner, hit Settings and select your account.

Tap on the Notifications area to pull up the various options. Again, be sure to scroll all the way down to see all the options.

Some Twitter mobile notifications, such as Retweets or Favorites, can be further customized. You can choose to receive notifications of every time you get a retweet or favorite — or just when it is “tailored for you” by Twitter.

Settings don’t carry over to other devices — so if you use an iPhone, iPad and Android device — you need to get your settings enabled in all places.

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