September 29th, 2014

A popular misconception about developing a popular mobile app is it includes a certain amount of luck. The truth is, it’s actually a very formulaic process.

While it’s difficult to predict the next commercial success, certain methods ensure developers see some return on investment for their creative pursuits.

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The 10-Step Checklist to Build & Market a Successful App details the necessary course of action – step-by-step from app concept to launch – to help apps reach their full potential. Serving as a business model for developers and creative hopefuls, the infographic is composed of foundational notes and operational checkpoints as well as tips for general success. 

The mobile app checklist includes:


  • Mobile Application Strategy – the name, the platform and how you wish to generate revenue with it.
  • Competitive Analysis – who is out there, what are they doing and not doing that can differentiate your mobile app?
  • Website Setup – where will you promote the application, place buttons for mobile users, or insert meta information that displays your app?
  • Building Your App – how can you optimize the design for the user and device and integrate it socially?
  • Mobile App User Testing – release a beta version through a tool like TestFlight to identify bugs, solicit feedback, and observe usage of your app.
  • App Store Optimization – the screenshots and content you provide on the app store can make a huge difference in whether or not people download it.
  • Marketing Creatives – What videos, trailers, images and infographics can you distribute that promotes your mobile application?
  • Social Media Activities – you do need to share the app’s capabilities often on social media platforms where you’ll pick up a lot of users.
  • Press Kit – Press releases, screenshots, company profile and targeted lists of sites to tell that your app has arrived!
  • Marketing Budget – You had a development budget… what’s the marketing budget for your app?

While the above is a great checklist, two CRUCIAL steps are missing:+


  • App Reviews – Soliciting reviews from your mobile application users not only will help you optimize and improve the next version of your application, it will also skyrocket a great application to the top of the mobile application rankings.+
  • App Performance – Monitoring your application’s performance via App AnnieSensorTower, or AppFigures to monitor your rank, competition, monetization, and reviews is key to improving your mobile app performance.







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