Recently, we’ve seen the demand for text messaging services gradually increase. The email inbox is clogged so marketers are looking to text messaging to provide a push message that’s timely with their offer.

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Text messages are short, quick, and very personal. Consumers who invite marketers into the walled garden of SMS (short message service; a.k.a text messaging) do so much more selectively than any other channel. As a result, senders who fail to deliver relevant, useful text messages are quickly greeted with a “STOP” reply.

The SMS channel is particularly adept at delivering unobtrusive alert messaging. In fact, this is the one type of messaging that indexed high enough to be considered appropriate by a majority of consumers. That’s not to say, however, that you can simply assume that consumers who provide their mobile numbers want to receive text messages from you.

You must be absolutely certain to get their express permission and follow all of the rules set by the carriers. Failure to do so could result in blacklisting that prevents you from sending any text messages to consumers.

What are the strengths of SMS marketing?

  • Alerts
  • Event interactions
  • Event messaging
  • In-store promotions
  • Mobile marketing opt-ins
  • Personal interaction

Text Messaging Best Practices

  1. Be clear about your text messaging program.
  2. Get permission to send text messages.
  3. Pay attention to the frequency of your text messaging.
  4. Include links and verbiage to disclaimers.
  5. Always provide an exit (typically STOP) to unsubscribe.
  6. Send your text message during normal hours.
  7. Use common language and avoid shortcuts new users may not understand.
  8. Provide value in every text message.

For more details, check out this SlickText infographic:


text message


Have you considered integrating a text message service into your business? Have you already done so? Have you noticed an increase in customer engagement or ROI? Tell us about your text message service in our comments!

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