A savvy website is a must-have in today’s Internet-driven economy. Unfortunately, while most companies have a website, few use them to their full potential to drive sales and revenue.

So if you aren’t maximizing the return on investment of your site, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

A few relatively simple updates can make your website have a huge impact on customer attraction and retention, sales, revenue and long-term brand loyalty. These steps don’t require hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment and can be implemented by small companies and multinational corporations alike.

We recently changed the website for our client, Knotieties, a hair accessories boutique.


Five common areas most company websites can improve upon and expect to see an immediate boost in revenue.

1. Add Video Content

Consumers love video — and so should you. Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, so get rid of the long-winded product descriptions and opt for dynamic video content visitors.

Customers also tend to stay longer on sites with videos, and even better — they are more likely to return. Engaging product videos, customer testimonials and even tours of your work space can help increase conversions.

2. Go Global and Multicultural {jami, i was going to link to a blog post that’s currently in draft status here}

Don’t simply cater to an English-speaking audience. Making your website available for multilingual — and multicultural — audiences will help you reach a much bigger slice of internet consumers.

Choose a translation management system that integrates into your site; it’s much more efficient than manual translations, which often require time-consuming email communications with translators. 

3. Prevent Downtime

On Cyber Monday, Amazon sold 36.8 million items worldwide. Minutes of downtime could have cost the company a big chunk of change. Same goes for your website. If it isn’t loading fast enough, you can lose customers before they even get a glimpse of your content and products.

4. Use Responsive Design

Make sure you’re using a modern CMS platform like WordPress which make it easy to enable responsive site design. A responsive design makes your website accessible from multiple devices (tablets, phones, laptops, etc.).

5. Post Customer Reviews

According to Forrester Research, consumers trust brand recommendations from friends 70% of the time, and ads only 10% of the time. Consumer reviews act as this kind of friendly recommendation on your product page. 

Adjustments like these can yield huge results for your bottom line business goals. However, the most important thing to keep in mind? Your customer. Making your website as accessible as possible is key to increasing sales and improving revenue.

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