WordPress is a fantastic content management system to construct an SEO-friendly website. However, there are a few WordPress design tips to make your blog posts more eye-catching.

wordpress design

Create Columns

Columns help you lay out your text and images for optimized readability. They’re especially handy for getting pictures to show up exactly where you expect them. Often the image alignment setting in the WordPress design produces a text wrapping effect that doesn’t quite align with your other text and images, especially on smaller screen sizes. Also, if images are inserted next to each other, the alignment settings of each can interfere.

Customizable columns nearly eliminate the need for the built-in image alignment settings. However, this functionality is not built into WordPress. You’ll need to install a plugin. We recommend Column Shortcodes.

To install this tool, log in to your WordPress website, hover over the Plugins item in the sidebar of the Dashboard area and click Add New. Type “column shortcodes” into the search bar and click on the matching search result. Check to make sure you pick the one by Codepress. Install and activate the plugin. Now, you should see a new button in the post editor next to Add Media.

wordpress design

Click the columns button to open an interface to help you insert the right code for your chosen column configuration. Once you click insert, the plugin inserts the right shortcodes. If you already have content in your post, copy and paste it between the shortcode tags. Always remember to indicate which column is the last one in a row by choosing the “last” designation.

Use Column Shortcodes to configure modern, grid-based layouts and painlessly align inserted images and embedded media.

Embed Videos, Playlists and More

Just get the URL for your media item from one of the supported providers and paste it into the body of your post content. In seconds, you’ll see the video, playlist, whatever it is, inserted in the post editor.

By default, however, embedded media sit either above or below other media or text. There’s no “text-wrapping” or alignment option. But we can cheat a little. Try using column shortcodes to create the effect of a left or right alignment.

Are you starting to feel the boost from these WordPress design tips? These tips and tools are designed to improve the look and feel of your blog posts.

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