In an ideal world, the vision you hold for your website would directly jump into a designer’s mind. Unfortunately, too many times what starts out as a wonderful, hopeful project turns into a web design nightmare.

How does the nightmare usually begin? It starts with many rescheduled phone calls. Then it’s on to a series of unsatisfactory revisions and changes of heart. It’s making lots of progress one day, then scrapping all of it the next.

However, do not fear: there is a way out of the web design nightmare.

web design nightmare

So we suggest you make a plan for your first sit-down conversation with the web developer. That could make the difference between a wonderful, hopeful project and a nightmare.

 Conversation With Your Web Designer

First, don’t forget it’s never just the client who’s frustrated with the pace of development. Web designers and developers typically have strict schedules and project guides designed to balance their workload and cash flow. Slipping into a web design is gonna disrupt that for them too.

Schedule a one-hour meeting, in-person if possible, to share your design plans. It’s also helpful if you have plenty of donuts and coffee. :)

Yes, this is your project and you need to share your ideas, but let your web designer set the agenda. They know best where the bottlenecks are. If you’ve been dying to ask “what’s taking so long?” don’t. Allow your web developer to answer by reviewing the project as a whole rather than asking them to isolate one issue.

Don’t take it personally when the bottleneck is you. Good websites are built with a content management systems (CMS) like WordPress designed to let non-programmers edit their own site. This allows web developers to manage your cost by depending on you to enter the text and images on your own.

To help manage expectations on both sides, create specific tasks, with specific due dates. Everyone accepts responsibility for their part and completely understands who is doing what.

When we all work together, we all win together! Just like this great website we just designed for FaithGrace Creations.

web design


Remember, we all want to avoid the web design nightmare! Let us help you with your next project!

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