If you want your website ranked in search engines, you have to optimize your site properly. If you are looking for quick results, but these are the important SEO tricks you need to know to help you in the long run.

The main idea of search engine optimization is relatively simple: Provide valuable information to the visitors and keep them happy.

SEO Tricks

If you know the following SEO tricks to keep your visitors, virtually nothing can go wrong.

1. Optimize Your Title Tag

The title tag is the blue link that is visible in search engine results when they search for a particular keyword. It simply means your post title.

The title tag can be optimized by placing the main keywords as much as possible. But do not overdo this or you can be accused of keyword stuffing. Find your primary keyword, write a meaningful title with this keyword and a one sentence description of your content.

2. Optimize Your Description Tag

The description tag is visible in the search results and to get visitors to your website. It is important that you have a compelling meta description used.

It should be clear to the visitor what your site is about and what can be expected. The main keywords can be included. The user should feel an urge to click your link by reading your description

3. Search Engine Friendly URL Tags

Applying search engine friendly urls increase the ease to find your blog for search engines.

Here is an example of an ineffective engine friendly URL.


This is a search engine friendly URL.


4. Use Pictures In Your Blog Post

If you have a blog post with a compelling image,  it is likely that a user will read the content. It is also positive in the field of SEO.

5. Write Compelling Content That Is Useful To Your Visitors

Write content primarily for visitors, because your audience is people, not search engine bots.

Compelling content is automatically rewarded with an external link is created by a visitor for example, or that the information is shared on social media.

That is also valued by Google. Place the most important keyword in the beginning of the text.

Which SEO tricks have you found work best for your website?

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