The Pinterest Analytics Tool got a facelift! The more detailed insights gives you access to a variety of data, including how potential customers interact with your pins beyond your website.

Pinterest Analytics Tool - The Savvy Socialista

The original Pinterest Analytics tool has been around since March 2013. It analyzed image performance on your Pinterest account by measuring:

  • clicks
  • reach
  • repins
  • visits
  • who is repinning your content

This is invaluable data about Pinterest all on its own. The problem with it was the visual presentation, and how difficult it was to use.

The new Pinterest Analytics Dashboard will now help your brands understand how fans are interacting with your content. The first piece of information you’re presented with as your overall reach across Pinterest. You get the big picture first, and can then break it down by:

  • the number of clicks for each piece of content
  • impressions for your pins
  • likes that images receive
  • how this information changes over time

pinterest analytics tool

This is much like how the old Pinterest Analytics Tool worked, but with a new and better interface.

They didn’t stop at a mere cosmetic go over, the new Pinterest Analytics Dashboard will also let you:

  • gain insights in other behavior of your fans
  • break fans down by country, gender, language spoken
  • discover the most popular categories of pins amongst their followers

With this information you’ll be even more capable of creating Pinterest campaigns that appeal to your users, find new fans, and make your ROI even better as you focus on the people that really matter.

To gain access to Pinterest’s new analytics, you must have a Pinterest business account. When that’s in place, head over to your analytics dashboard.

Your Pinterest Analytics dashboard shows an overview of the three main categories:Your Pinterest Profile, Your Audience and Activity From (Your Website). You can click on each category to see additional details and have a better idea of how your Pinterest efforts are paying off.

The bottom of the page features your five Top Pin Impressions from the past 30 days. At a glance you can see how many repins, clicks and likes these pins have and whether they are rich pins.

Not only can the Pinterest Analytics Tool help you market better on Pinterest, but the focus on specific products can help you determine which products you want to keep around and sell, and which may need to find their way to the discount bin.

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