November 20th, 2014

Twitter is a rapidly growing network and it can feel you’re sending out tweets and nobody is listening.

About 500 million tweets are sent every day. That’s roughly 5,800 tweets posted each second. Competing with that is a challenge. That’s why you have to customize your message for maximum attention.


How To Improve Your Tweets and Get Noticed

1. Personalize Retweets 

Sharing an article you find useful or interesting is a wonderful way to engage on Twitter. However, if you’re only hitting “retweet,” you’re missing an opportunity to set yourself apart and get your tweet noticed.

Make sure to add your own opinion, question or commentary. It can be quick and simple – 140 characters goes by fast. Questions are a great way to engage your visitors!


2. Share Articles More Than Once

Tweets don’t have long shelf lives. With this in mind, you need to tweet multiple times to stand out and maintain momentum.


mistake most people make is tweeting the same headline and link over and over again. That’s not the best way to go about it. People may see your extra tweets, but if you don’t change it up, you look like a spammer.

3. Be Yourself!

The worst thing you can do on Twitter is to be like everyone else. Show your personality! It may sound obvious, but many people don’t do it—maybe they think it’s not professional. But you can integrate personality and still be professional (and your followers will enjoy meeting the real you).

4. Use Visual Content

People rely heavily on visual content. Approximately 65% of the people are visual learners. According to 3M Corporation, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

Visual content is a good way to convey your thoughts and opinions and your tweet instantly pops out from the rest of the stream.

Bonus Tip:

Make sure to engage in conversations! Too often people simply put their message out there and forget to talk to each other! Start a conversation, check out a trending topic others are talking about.

Every time you share interesting content that stands out, you’re building a larger audience with stronger ties. It won’t happen in a day or even a month, but the reward is worth the continued effort.



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