***The Savvy Socialista Cyber Monday Giveaway has ended.***

The winner is Katherine Binkley!


It’s that time of year again! After Black Friday is over and everyone has shopped Small Biz Saturday it is time for Cyber Monday! People sit at their desks and peruse website after website looking for great deals to snatch up.  Well, have I got a great deal for you! How about The Savvy Socialista’s Cyber Monday Giveaway!

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway


That’s right!  I’m giving away over $1600 in goodies from some of my very favorite online stores! These folks have all been clients of mine.  Whether monthly social media clientsweb development clients or design clients, I love each of them and know you will too! Check out each one and then head to the bottom of this post to enter The Savvy Socialista’s Cyber Monday Giveaway with Rafflecopter.  One lucky chickie is going to win EVERYTHING!

Let The Fun Begin!


The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Anders Ruff

Anders Ruff      Facebook        Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Everything's Better Monogrammed

 Everything’s Better Monogrammed        Facebook       Instagram


The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Festive Home Decor

Festive Home Decor      Facebook   Instagram


The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Girlfriend Galas

 Girlfriend Galas       Facebook    Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Gussied

 Gussied      Facebook      Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Hoopla Events

Hoopla Events      Facebook     Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Horsefeathers Gifts

HorseFeathers Gifts     Facebook      Instagram


The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_I Thee Bling

 I Thee Bling     Facebook     Instagram


The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Initial Proper

 Initial Proper      Facebook      Instagram


The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Invite Cottage

Invite Cottage     Facebook    Instagram


The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Knotieties

Knotieties     Facebook   Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Lattice & Ivy

 Lattice & Ivy     Facebook    Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Lifestyle Duchess

 Lifestyle Duchess     Facebook    Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Mason Row

Mason Row      Facebook      Instagram


The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Modern Posh

Modern Posh     Facebook       Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Nella Casa Bella

Nella Casa Bella     Facebook     Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Paper & Polka Dots

 Paper & Polka Dots       Facebook

 The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Pea Pod Paper & Gifts

Pea Pod Paper & Gifts     Facebook    Instagram


The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Personalized from Me to You

Personalized From Me To You     Facebook     Instagram


The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Pike and Pine

Pike & Pine     Facebook    Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Punkeelove Headbands

Punkeelove Headbands      Facebook


The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Robyn and Wrenn

Robyn & Wren     Facebook      Instagram



The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_That Party Chick

That Party Chick   Facebook   Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_The Savvy Socialista

 The Savvy Socialista     Facebook     Instagram

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway_Your Sleeping Baby

 Your Sleeping Baby    Facebook


Wow!  25 different goodies totaling over $1600!  Amazing!  So enter, enter, enter and you could be the lucky winner, winner, winner!  Winner for The Savvy Socialista Cyber Monday Giveaway will be chosen on Monday, December 8, 2013.  Don’t miss out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Kinsey kendrick

    So so awesome thank you for putting this together!

  2. Vicki Dean

    Oh please, oh please, oh please. I would love every single one of these amazing things. All of these vendors are terrific! What a special Xmas surprise this would be.

  3. Heather Bridenstine

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway :)

  4. Michelle Owens

    Love the retailers – fun to find new treasures. Love Punkeelove headbands.

  5. Angela Collin

    My favorite online shop is Etsy! <3 ty to all for such an amazing giveaway and the chance

  6. Brittany

    So cute, loving Initial Proper!

  7. Allison Hicks

    Thank you so.much for hosting such an incredible giveaway! This would be such an overwhelming thing to win for our little family. As a stay at home mother I would be in tears for days to be blessed with such an gracious amount of gifts. Thanks to all who contributed and good luck all,god bless!

  8. Kaylene Schulze

    Hoping to be the lucky winner!

  9. Brittany

    I love all of these awesome shops! Especially Anders Ruff. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Pam Clark

    How to choose??? Love them all, but really enjoy seeing what Initial Proper has to offer.

  11. Candace

    Would love to win!

  12. Kelsey

    I would love to win, so many goodies to share! Pea Pod Paper & Gifts is my favorite of these shops.

  13. Chelsey

    What an awesome giveaway! I would LOVE this. Especially a dress from Robyn & Wren for my girl!

  14. nicki


  15. wendy ward

    Love Anders Ruff, but all the sites look like great places to do business with.

  16. Ruby Serusa-Esmay

    Oh boy, this was a tough question for me. I have so many different pages that I just adore. And they all sell different items. But.. if I had to pick one. I would say Robyn & Wren. I love their dresses. They are the only page I have seen that puts a scripture on their outfits and I find it adorable and one of a kind. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to be able to win from all of these amazing pages!

  17. liz larson

    This is a such a great treat!

  18. Kaylene

    Hoping I get picked! Everything is so nice! :)

  19. Shanna Uptergrove

    I really love Etsy- such a wide variety of sellers and I can get lots of handmade love there!

  20. Jenny

    I love etsy because I can find anything there!


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