November 10th, 2014

Mobile devices have the capability to drive phenomenal growth in most businesses. Marketing analysts have projected mobile marketing to become one of the fastest growing features of online marketing, second only to social media.

Due to the proliferation of online interactivity, marketers can target people at any given moment and time. Many new apps have been rolled out in collaboration with the social networking giants, to target every segment of the online audience.

online marketing

Reaching Your Customers

Online marketing through mobile devices has become a major communications channel for reaching your existing and potential customers. Mobile phones have become the most direct and personal of all forms of media. Never has it been easier for the customers to reach their service providers and offer their feedback on services and products. Similarly, businesses can directly provide information on their new products and services.

Create a Mobile Optimized Version of your Website

The mobile web has created significant online traffic from mobile devices. Businesses without mobile optimized websites are missing out on a huge amount of online traffic coming from mobile users. Due to the fast paced nature of online surfing, businesses that still do not have mobile friendly websites are losing potential customers to their competitors.

Mobile Apps

Every business needs a website these days and every website needs a mobile version. Your business should also consider a mobile app as well. One of the best features a mobile app offers is the option of ecommerce. With the recent innovations in digital payments, more and more people prefer online shopping and paying online without making use of credit cards.

Location-based Advertising

By using location-based advertisements, marketers are using mobile apps to help their customers locate the shops and services they seek in their vicinity. Location-based services also provide a plethora of information on consumer behavior on travel patterns, preferences, and lifestyles of their customers, which can be used to create offers and marketing messages that are more likely to improve consumer engagement.

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