January 22nd, 2015

The two main reasons your company you should blog regularly are trust and reach. Your blog is probably your most potent promotional channel and even more effective than traditional advertising.

People are more likely to trust your company and its regular blog posts. The public tends to be more critical about traditional advertising. They would sooner trust what a friend recommends than trust what an ad says.

blog regularly


By consistently posting information that is personal, useful and relevant to your audiences, you have the opportunity to build a level of trust with audiences. It takes time to build that trust, so don’t expect it to happen quickly. It takes much hard work and patience to cultivate relationships and build trust.

When you blog regularly, you build an audience. And each person who follows your blog is a potential source of new audiences. Do you remember how bankers like to say that compounded interest is one of the most powerful forces in the universe when it comes to multiplying your money?

Audiences sort of work on the same principle. The secret is in getting your readers to promote your business or your ideas for you. This kind of audience interaction results in virality that gets your blog posts pushed toward people outside your own immediate circles. The larger your circles, the more opportunities you have to develop fresh new leads.

Keep in mind, your blog posts should have attention grabbing headlines. They should be easy to scan so that readers instantly form a picture of what the entire blog post is all about, and feel the need to read it in its entirety. There should be links to your other blog posts, as well as links from highly regarded external domains and websites.

Does your company blog regularly? How has this impacted your relationship with your customers? Tell us in the comments!

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