In web design, there are core principals you need to adhere to for success. Part of that success depends on these important web pages being part of your website.

Your budget may be limited, but if you can ensure the pages listed below are part of your website, you’ve already made a big impact.

important web pages

  • Home Page – This may be one of your most important web pages. The home page clearly states what your product or service actually provides. You only have a second to catch your visitors attention, so make the most of it by enabling them to make a quick decision on what to do next.
  • About Us Page – A page your visitors can click on when they want to take a deeper dive and find out a little more about the story behind your product or service. Make your about us page into a compelling story that draws people in and gets their attention.
  • Contact Us Page – Include your physical address, or addresses, as well as the best means of communication with your organization. Include a simple web form on the contact us page.
  • Product or Services Page – A page which showcases your products or services. You don’t need a full e-commerce site here, you just need a simple way your visitors can click to learn more, or click to buy your product or service.
  • Blog Page – This page allows you to share helpful, useful, and relevant information about the specific market segment that your business is in.
  • Testimonials and Reviews Page – People buy products and services because of what other people say, so make sure you’re gathering a lot of positive testimonials and reviews, and showcasing them on this page.
  • Landing Page – A page in which your visitors can immediately opt in or make a purchase of the product or service that you’re offering. Landing pages are no-nonsense pages which provide your visitor with a clear and immediate way to take action. Examples of landing pages are: subscribe to our email updates; download our helpful “How To” guide; or buy our product or service now.

What do you believe are the most important web pages on your website?



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