Google is updating its existing algorithms which means you need to make some adjustments to improve search engine rankings in 2015. We want to make sure your site stays on top!

We’ve compiled a list of ways you can improve search engine rankings in the up-coming year.

improve search engine rankings

1. Mobile Could Make Or Break Your Rankings

Google has started showing the term “mobile friendly” in their search results. Google has also been penalizing sites that generate errors for mobile users.

The picture below shows what some have found Google testing.

improve search engine ranking

2. Quality Content Matters More Than Ever

We all know content matters, but you need to make sure your content is unique, serves a purpose and naturally makes people want to link and share to it.

Due to the widespread misuse and abuse of link building schemes, Google appears to placing more emphasis on brand mentions and citations, which are less likely and less easy to be manipulated for the purpose of achieving higher search rankings.

3. Relationships Matter More Than Technical Strategies

With the vast amount of content produced and published every day, businesses are realizing that focusing on merely creating content and optimizing its technical components for SEO just aren’t enough to achieve their goals. Marketers are already realizing that businesses that are able to humanize their brand are the ones who are standing out.

High search rankings can no longer be achieved by isolated web masters who focus on technical compliance; rather, there must be a shift toward relational strategies such as blogger outreach campaigns, building relationships with brand advocates, reaching out to influencers and engaging on social media.

4. SEO Needs To Be Fully Integrated Into Your Marketing Strategy

Search Engine Optimization, social media and content marketing will no longer be three separate departments. Each will integrate as they are all working toward the same focus.

SEO is not dead or dying. It’s just changing; content marketing and social media specialists will need specialized SEO knowledge and skills in order to be successful. However, these SEO strategies will be need to be fully integrated with the creation and promotion of content, rather than kept as a separate, isolated tasks.

What are your predictions for 2015? How do you see your site changing to improve search engine rankings?


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