We’ve seen a lot of growth in SEO writing in the past decade. We’ve entered the era of intelligent content, laced with smart optimization, and is penned by qualified writers.

SEO writing

Brands and marketers can gain inspiration outlined in Google’s Search Quality Guidelines when creating quality content guidelines for Web pages, social media posts, press releases, or educational guides. After all, don’t we want to influence the quantity and quality of traffic to a website or blog from search and social?

In today’s race for attracting quality views, the most influential factor can be in the writing quality of a brand’s content, down to every last title tag, meta description, and tweet.

Brands and marketers are writing all forms of content ranging from 100-character tweets to 600-2,000+-word blog or news articles. If you’re going for long-form content such as a case study, guide or in-depth analysis? Make sure to:

  • Use bullets
  • Tell stories
  • Use call out quotes of some of the main points
  • Keep it visual with charts, graphs, or infographics
  • Think about the mobile use and have a visual slideshow version

SEO Writing to the Persona

Regardless of size, the target audience is what is important to a brand’s writer. The more specific information you know about our buyer personas, the easier it is for the writer to create content and for the marketer to properly target – ultimately impacting the brand’s results.

Creating persona profiles that will illustrate who the content is intended for can create a magnetic win-win by reaching the right audience with the right message.

SEO writing

When you’re SEO writing for social media, it’s important to remember these words as well:

  • To gain more retweets on Twitter use the words “Free,” “Retweet,” or “New Blog Post”
  • Facebook users respond best to words such as “Inspires,” “Discounts,” and “Submit”
  • Looking to land a deal on LinkedIn? The best words to include are “On Time,” “Accomplished,” “Created,” and “Researched,” but skip the overused words such as “Creative,” “Responsible,” and “Strategic.”
  • Google+ users take action on words such as “Share,” “Promote,” and “Increase.”

The bottom line is quality, optimized, SEO writing is going to get you further with search engines and social media networks. What have you seen that’s worked well for your brand?

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