A question we’re frequently asked is “when is it time for a website makeover?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. You should redesign your website when it makes sense for your business.

Okay, so how do you know when it makes sense? A good rule of thumb is to plan a website makeover when the site no longer meets your company objectives, or is not meeting its overall expectations.

We recently redid Staci Zohlen Photography‘s website. Before we start talking about making changes, we make sure a redesign makes sense for our client.

website makeover


website makeover



website makeover


What To Consider When Thinking About A Website Makeover

1. Website Objectives
Your website should always align with company goals and objectives that can be measured and analyzed.

  • If your website’s main objective is to capture leads so outside sales reps can make phone calls, but it takes 3 clicks in different areas to get to the contact form, you may need a redesign.
  • If you notice a significant trend in mobile users visiting your site, yet your website is not mobile friendly, you may need a redesign.
  • If your website is made up of 80% images, 20% text, and you would like to rank better in organic search, you may need a redesign.

2. Website Performance
How is your site performing in organic searches? You could lose rankings depending on the structure of the site and if significant copy changes were made. It also depends on the business industry.

Take a look at your analytics. Figure out what worked, what doesn’t work. Where are your visitors going when they visit your site? Are they converting to sales or are they dropping off at a certain point? Data is key, so measure wisely.

What is your opinion about the best time to perform a website makeover? Tell us in the comments!

If you’re interested in learning more about Staci Zohlen’s beautiful photography click here.

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