With more than 100 million monthly active desktop and mobile users, Google+ is quickly becoming a world leader in social media. Also, because Google+ serves as a core part of Google functionality, it definitely deserves your marketing attention.

Setting up your Google+ business page early in the website development process ensures greater brand visibility as soon as your new website goes live. If your website is already live, Google+ can help attract more visitors!


Steps To Set Up A Google+ Page

1. Create A Personal Google Account

Before you set up your business page, you’ll need to create a personal Google account, if you don’t already have one. You will be asked to enter your current email address, password and verification code.


Once your personal Google account has been confirmed via a text message or a phone call,  it will automatically create a default Google Plus page.  This is your personal Google+ page. You can use any time to connect with your gmail contacts, friends, interest groups, etc.

2. Pick a Business Category

You have 5 to choose from.


3. Add Info

Next you will be asked to choose a name for you new business page, provide your website url, confirm your audience, and agree to the terms and conditions:


4. Customize Your Page

Now that your Google+ business page has been created, customize it by adding a tagline, a few short paragraphs about your company, and contact information. We also recommend including links to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. Adding a cool header image and your company logo will also help your business to stand out and attract visitor’s attention.

5. Get Social!

You are done setting up your Google+ business page! Now it’s time to share fresh content, add people to your circles, react and respond to your fans, be engaging (maybe even setup a Google+ Hangout!), and optimize for greater brand visibility!




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