February 17th, 2015

A resourceful blogging tip for the avid updater: repurpose old content to drive new traffic. If you’ve been blogging for long, you likely have a lot of great content. Much of it may still be relevant to readers. There’s no reason you can’t repurpose old content to build traffic for your site and drive business to your company.

repurpose old content

Four Ways To Repurpose Old Content

  1. Through your next blog post: Do you ever refer to old posts in your latest posts? Why not? If you’ve written some great content that’s applicable to the current post, you should throw a link in there. Additionally, you may even wish to add a related posts plugin. Providing related posts can repurpose posts from both a search engine as well as increase your pages per visit on site.
  2. Through Search Engines: Purchase a one-day subscription to SEOpivot. Run the report against your blog and you’ll be provided a list of posts with relevant keywords that the post is found for. Optimize the post title, meta description and first few words of the post to incorporate the keywords and republish. As long as you have a Sitemap plugin installed, this will notify the search engine of the change and your post will be re-indexed, most likely at a much better rank.
  3. Through Twitter: You may have grown your following quite a bit since the last time you posted a blog post over on Twitter to share with your network. Announce it again (but let followers know it was a retweet), by stating… “This was my most popular post last month on [insert subject]. If your followers didn’t read it then, they may now!
  4. Through Facebook: Facebook pages and personal profiles is a great place to repost older content that’s still valid. The Facebook stream is just that… a stream. When you wait a while, you can reintroduce great content back in the stream and have it generate a lot of attention all over again.

If you’ve got a blog with lots of great content, your ongoing strategy should be to repurpose old content. Be picky about the content you promote and don’t overwhelm your current fans, followers and subscribers with a lot of repeats. You may be surprised at how valuable old content can be!

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