February 3rd, 2015

Pictures brighten up webpages and enrich calls to action. A carefully chosen, well-crafted stock photos works perfectly in many cases. But if you’ve got the budget, hire a professional photographer to take pictures unique to your business. If you don’t have the budget, a little practice and a photo editing app can help design stock photos!

For the below pictures, we used an iPhone 5 and VSCOcam:

stock photos stock photos

The Key To Taking Good Pictures With Your Phone

The trick to phone photography is just one word: stabilize. Crisp photos are made with plentiful natural light and stillness. Stabilize your phone by holding it against a ledge or wall. Even better, get a tripod made to hold your phone.

If you use an iPhone, don’t tap the shutter button. Tapping the screen creates camera shake. Set the timer and let the camera work automatically. Or use a camera app like VSCOcam that lets you hold down the button to snap the shutter on release, which cuts down on shakiness.

Editing Pictures With Your Phone

As mentioned, the above photos were taken using VSCOcam. In addition to improved camera software, the photo editing tools are simple and designed to encourage natural, subtle adjustments.

With VSCOcam, adjust exposure first. If your original image is too dark, bump up the exposure until it looks brighter, but not so bright it becomes over-exposed. Then feel free to apply a pre-made filter to give your picture a subtle boost. Adjust contrast, tint and other settings until the image is just right.

As you’re editing, remember these pictures should have a uniform look and feel. If you decide to make one image warm and cozy, don’t make another one feel cold. Use your judgment to produce a set of images that fit your brand.

How To Get Photos From Your Phone to Your Computer

Depending on your phone and operating system, transferring files from your phone to another computer can be tricky. You may have a direct file transfer option, or a convenient feature built-in to your phone. But the tried-and-true method is to open your email app and send yourself a message with the pictures attached. Back on your desktop you can open the message and save the image files to a folder.

Great stock photos of your employees are just one small part of building your overall business website. Not sure how your site stacks up? Contact us!

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