If your business has an ecommerce site, utilizing Pinterest is an excellent way to boost your revenue! You can create boards to catalog your merchandise and cross promote products.

Pinterest is laying the groundwork for an eCommerce “buy” button. According to reporter Jason Del Rey, merchants could be able to start limited testing in as little as three months.

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With more than 70 million monthly users, Pinterest is easily one of the largest and fastest-growing social networks around. And when it comes to eCommerce, Pinterest already dominates many of its competitors. In fact, Pinterest users boast the highest average checkout value of all social media referral shoppers, and Pinterest-referred users spend an average of 70% more than their non-pinning counterpart.

Even though the buy button isn’t available yet, there are still ways you can increase your ecommerce site conversions using Pinterest right now!

Ecommerce Site Conversion with Pinterest

1. Polish Your Pins

Make sure your pin attracts engagement! Here are a few things you can do to make your pins standout.

  • Put a price in your pin to increase the chance of it being liked by 36%.
  • Add a call to action for an 80% increase in engagement.
  • Keep your brand images free-of-faces for a 23% boost in repins.
  • Rein in your character count to 200-300 for a 57% increase in shares.
  • Think vertical: images that are 800 pixels tall are shared 67% more than those that are only 400 pixels tall.

2. Use Pinterest Tools

Ensure you’re using all of the tools Pinterest offers – such as widgets and analytics.

  • Place a Pin It button on your ecommerce site to encourage sharing.
  • Add extra details (like show times and prices) using Rich Pins.
  • Check your analytics page to monitor content popularity.

3. Optimize Your Site

Be sure your site is responsive and mobile-friendly. More than 75% of Pinterest traffic comes from the mobile app.

If this buy button is introduced, it could have a huge impact on ecommerce. How are you using Pinterest to convert shoppers to your ecommerce site?

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