Now you can drive more traffic from your Facebook Page to your website with a new Facebook feature:: a call-to-action button.

call-to-action button

If you’re an administrator, you’ll see the option when you navigate to your Facebook Page. Page administrators can choose one call-to-action button from a group of seven pre-made options:

  1. Sign Up -to push customers to email subscription page on website
  2. Shop Now – if your business sells merchandise
  3. Contact Us – pretty straightforward
  4. Book Now – if your website offers a scheduling feature
  5. Use App – if your business has a mobile app
  6. Watch Video – to drive people to a campaign video
  7. Play Game – if you have a game that correlates with your business

call-to-action button

Facebook will monitor these links in the same way they monitor current links — and users can report Pages with malicious links, too.

The call-to-action will show up at a fixed location: the top of your business Page, to the left of the Like button.

call-to-action button

The location of the call-to-action button makes your cover photo all the more important. Be sure the color and design of your photo isn’t making the button less visible to Facebook Fans who aren’t accustomed to seeing it there.

You also have an opportunity to select a destination for mobile users. If you’re driving mobile users to a website, select “web”. If you’re driving users to an app, select “app”.

You can always edit or delete your call-to action-simply by hovering over the button and selecting “Edit call-to-action” or “Delete call-to-action”.

It’s important to remember simply adding the call-to-action button to your Facebook Page will not increase traffic to your website. Driving Facebook users to a webpage or app requires a smart strategy that uses all available marketing channels such as email, social media and your website.

Have you added the call-to-action button to your business Facebook page yet?


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