A great way to drive more traffic to your website is through social shares. If you boost the appeal of your website content and optimize your posts, it allows for easy sharing on social channels.

social shares

Here are 3 key ways to increase your social shares:

1. Optimize Images

Images and rich media are driving more results for brands than ever before, so it’s important that your images are appealing and shareable on social networks.

If your images are cut off or too close up (or far away), you may need to revisit your image sizes. Square images look clean across all social networks, but what if you’re interested only in Facebook or Pinterest? You can use this guide to make sure your images are optimized for each social media channel.

2. Fine Tune Meta Data

The two most important pieces of meta data are the page title and description.

On Facebook, for example, the four things people see when sharing a web page are the image, title, description and comments from the person sharing the page. Create titles under 100 characters (including spaces) to make sure they’re viewed in their entirety on social posts.

3. Add Share Buttons To Your Website

You want to make your content easy for people to share on their social networks.

AddThis and ShareThis are great plugin options, but you can also get buttons natively from individual platforms, such as the “Pin It” button from Pinterest. It’s important to make sure your social share buttons are easily visible.

We also recommend to track your social share analytics. This will show you which pages on your site perform the best on social media. The more compatible your content, the more easily it will be shared!

Have you tried any of these tactics? What have you done to increase social shares on your website?

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