Social media can be demanding. That’s why we recommend you split up the content marketing responsibilities so each team member has a small piece to handle.

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This allows you to share the workload. That means if you get busy or skip a day, your company still has a presence on your social media platforms. Vacations are no longer a problem because other team members can pick up some slack without being overloaded.

Beyond just productivity, involving everyone in the social media process brings a broader range of content to social platforms since each person has slightly different experiences every day.

So how do you divide up your content marketing responsibilities without completely losing control?

  • Know your brand. While the voice changes slightly depending on who is writing the content, those general characteristics guide our activities.
  • Pick your platforms. Consider all the possible places you can be active, and give yourself permission to decide not to participate on some if your customers are just not there.
  • When possible, let people play where they are most comfortable. If someone doesn’t like Twitter, for example, let them manage another outlet.
  • Not all information belongs everywhere. Cute memes are often exploding people’s news feeds. If you choose to use a meme, choose to only put it on one channel – like Instagram. Offer unique content on Facebook to give people reasons to follow you on all platforms.
  • Periodically review for consistency. Even as your brand is adapted to different platforms, there needs to be a unifying core so you are not confusing your audience with totally different personalities in the marketing place. To maintain the core, it is helpful to have one person in charge of periodically reviewing the brand across all platforms and providing general guidelines, particularly as new players join the team.

At some point, you may decide to out source some or all of your content marketing responsibilities to help maintain that authentic feel.

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