If you have social media icons on the homepage of your website, you’d better be sure those accounts are active. The accounts need to provide something of value since that’s what you’re promising your visitors on your homepage.

social media icons

When visitors click on an icon leading them to an inactive page, you’ve wasted their time and likely given them a negative impression about the kind of service your company is willing to provide. If you say you’re going to be on social media, but can’t even update your accounts how are you going to deliver your promise of a quality product?

We’re not saying you should delete inactive accounts (especially if you think you might be able to fire them up again someday), but perhaps you should come up with a different plan so the next time a visitor clicks on your social media icons they aren’t disappointed.

Realign Your Focus

If you can’t manage a Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook account for your business, don’t think simply having a page out there is good enough. Focus on one platform and do it well.

There’s no sense in having a Twitter account if you only update it once in a blue moon. It looks like you don’t understand how to use the social network. Also, you run the risk of ignoring customers who are actively trying to communicate with you through the platform. If your Twitter account is just a ton of links pushed automatically from Facebook or Instagram, that doesn’t look good either.

Do you see a lot of interaction on your Facebook page? Make Facebook your main priority and only feature a Facebook social media icon on your homepage. That way when someone clicks the icon on your website they will see a page filled with new, relevant content and will trust you know what you’re doing on the platform.

Do you have social media icons that should be removed from your website?

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