If you’re getting a new website – or starting your website for the first time – it can be difficult to figure out what to do with your time while the web designer is working. Now is a perfect time to start writing your website’s first blog posts.

first blog posts

Blogging is a cornerstone of classic inbound marketing. No marketing pro will let you go without one. While your other experts are hard at work assembling the website, it’s time for you to polish your writing skills. Start writing your first blog posts. Preparing these before your site launches sets the foundation for sustained writing and publishing once it’s live.

Follow these simple steps to get going.

1. Brainstorm Like Crazy

Before you write a thing, brainstorm.  If the material’s not coming ask yourself these questions:

  • What questions do customers ask?
  • What frequent customer problems do I solve?
  • What info do customers need before contacting me?
  • What’s the customer experience like?
  • How do events, seasons or industry news change how customers relate to my product?

Do not write anything titled “Welcome to Our New Website!” or any other announcement of the obvious.

Do write a post that benefits your customers. Choose to solve a problem or answer a question.

2. Write and Edit

Write your heart out and then go back and edit. Don’t edit while writing that first draft. It will just slow you down.

Then wait at least an hour after the first draft is done to edit. Clear your head so you can return to work with an objective view.

If you’re using WordPress, use the Preview feature to see how your post will look when it’s published. By taking this new view, you may catch new things to address.

3. Schedule, Publish and Promote!

Now it’s time for you to look at the calendar. Find a day and time when you want your post to publish. Active bloggers may write ahead of schedule to build up a content calendar.

When your post goes live, it’s time to promote. Strategically share the link on your social media channels. Partner with other bloggers to share the post on their channels too. No one will ever know you made something cool unless you tell them.

Watch your website traffic and note which first blog posts get the best response. This will help you brainstorm some new ideas so you can start this process all over again. :)


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