September 17th, 2015

People are reading more content online than ever and that means you need to keep giving them better content to keep sending them back to your site.  Your readers don’t want to be sold – they want to be inspired, educated or entertained.

better content

The best content is useful, empathetic, and inspired. To get that content you need to ask questions!

How To Curate Better Content

What Are Your Customers Goals?

Knowing your customers long-term goals for the use of your product or service can help you create better content. If people are interested in specific features of your product or service, create content that illustrates how to use those features to their full potential.

The more your content addresses specific needs, the more engaged your visitors will be. And they will start to see you as a reliable source of useful information.

What Sets You Apart?

Mapping out what makes your company, product, or service unique can help you further cater your content to customer needs. If you can solve a problem that no one else has solved, use your content to showcase what sets you apart.

Consider hosting a webinar or creating a how-to guide to demonstrate your expertise. Attendees or readers will see you and your organization as thought leaders in your space, and they’ll continue following your content.

What Will Inspire Customer Action?

Don’t be afraid to repurpose successful content. If your community devours a piece of content, chances are they would be willing to pay for content that provides similar information or evokes similar emotions.

Did your research report perform well with your audience? Consider creating a corresponding infographic that illustrates the key takeaways, or devise an engaging social media campaign that reveals some of the top data.

Asking great questions can help you create better content and turn more leads into prospective clients!



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