Most brands have multiple marketers sharing information on social media and keeping your social media passwords secure can be an issue.

social media passwords

Social media accounts without a secure password can be hacked and could have a dramatic impact on your brand.

Securing Your Social Media Passwords

  • Use Mobile Verification – When you login from a new device (or maybe any device), you’re sent another code to validate via text message or email. So for someone to hack your password on a social account, they would also need access to the mobile phone used for the validation. If you’ve got several people authenticating to the same account, now you have a central person that’s notified as well.
  • Use Third Party Enterprise Apps – You can avoid distributing your password to employees or agencies altogether by utilizing a third party application to publish to the account like Hootsuite. You can add and remove users easily from an account, or get access to a client account, without having to know their password or provide ours. You can also typically track down the intrusion easier to the person who published it and remove their account easily.
  • Use a Password Manager – Utilization of a tool to manage passwords – like Dashlane – isn’t just about making it easier to login, it’s about using very strong passwords, different passwords for every service and changing each of them often. Dashlane can rate your password or assign you a secure one as well.

Trust is the critical component of any transaction online, so getting hacked is not just embarrassing, it breaks the trust you’ve worked so hard to build online. Avoid making it easy by securing your social media passwords.

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