Savvy small business owners know a great website is an important step in building customer trust and loyalty; however, making functionality adjustments without being an HTML designer can be difficult. But if you’re on WordPress, you can turn your WordPress links into buttons fairly easily!

wordpress links

Many of our clients use WordPress to design their site. It’s a great option for driving SEO and it’s easy to maintain. In order to turn your WordPress links into buttons, you simply need to install a plugin called Shortcodes Ultimate.

WordPress Links Into Buttons Using Shortcodes Ultimate

Here’s a quick demo video on Shortcodes Ultimate.


As you can see, the plugin allows you to do much more than add buttons, but we didn’t want to over complicate things for you!


To add a new button to the post editor, look for Insert Shortcodes right next to Add Media. They’re both above the formatting toolbar. Click the button to display the shortcodes menu.

wordpress links

How To Make a Button

When you click the icon, the menu slides away and you see the form to fill out for making a button. It starts with a Link.

A button is really nothing more than a fancy URL. You use buttons when you want visitors to take an action, typically clicking that link to see additional content like your contact info or another landing page

So, your first step in making a button with Shortcodes Ultimate is to find your link. Copy and paste it into the form field.

The next option is titled Target. This option lets you control what happens when someone clicks the button. Choose whether you want links to open in a new window/tab or the same one.

Style and Size Your Button

Time to add flair. The plugin allows you to pick from a list of nine styles. If you don’t have time to experiment, pick Flat to start simple. Next, pick your background color. Ideally, you’ll choose a color that already exists in your brand. Then make sure the style and alignment are how you want them.

When you’re done, click insert shortcode to add the button shortcodes to your post or page. This will look like a text readout of all the options we configured above. When your content is published, that WordPress link will be turned into a button!


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