December 1st, 2015

Brands are pushing their message in front of people daily, so how do you create stand out content to separate yourself from the masses?

stand out content

You need to find your unique selling point. It needs to be something more than “great price” or “best service” promises. Everyone claims to offer these things. You need to find out what makes your business different from any other, and create content which feels and sounds like you, that draws customers into your world so deeply they can’t help but share, click, buy.

3 Ways To Create Stand Out Content


  • Voice. There are people who we read because of how they say something more than what they say. They have a flair that’s unmistakable. You’d read them if they rewrote the phone book. So take a moment and ask yourself, are you playing it safe with your content? Going for Bland Stock Corporate Voice? Or are you writing like you, the way you really talk to customers?
  • Expertise. You are unique. There is no one else like you, and your knowledge reflects your innate specialness. Instead of going for big, bland blog topics, focus on topics no one else knows about, even share a few of your tricks and secrets. Get specific and really show your stuff. You’ll still build rank for longtail keywords while presenting content that’s really going to win hearts and minds.
  • Angle. Maybe the topic isn’t new, but your approach to it is. Maybe you’ve got a unique personal angle that’s going to make it sing. Maybe you’re speaking to a very small niche. Maybe you’re going to completely disagree with the conventional wisdom. Whatever it is, you’re taking a cockeyed look at the world, and helping us see it with new eyes. Note: This is not an excuse for “What X Teaches Us About Unrelated Subject Y!” posts.

It’s time to start achieving your potential and creating stand out content which gets those critical social shares and motivates your customers to buy from you, and only you.

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