If you offer giveaways on your Facebook page, we can help you drives sales and grows brand awareness for your products or services through a partnership an influencer for your next social media giveaway!

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How To Partner with Influencers On Your Next Social Media Giveaway

1. Do Research
To find potential influencers, use the search features of popular social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to discover influencers in your industry. Search using specific hashtags that are relevant to your business.

Another way to research influencers is to survey your audience. Create a form and ask your customers or fans to recommend their favorite bloggers to you.

2. Choose An Influencer

After you find some quality influencers, take a closer look to choose those to pursue and pitch.  Look how often potential blogger partners post to their blog and on their social platforms. No matter whom you partner with on a giveaway, you want to make sure they are active on all of their social channels.

Review the size of their social media presence on multiple networks. This research is good intel for when you devise a promotion strategy for your partnered giveaway.

3. Pitch Your Concept

Add something unique in your pitch email that makes you stand out, so you are more likely to get a response. Call out and link to a post of theirs you really liked, tell them why you think the blog is awesome or recount a quick story that somehow relates to the blog.

Taking this step proves to your blogger that you’ve already invested your time into getting to know who they are and what they’re about. Plus, it will not sound like a generic email you’ve sent out to hundreds of other bloggers.

Also, tell the blogger specifically why you’re pitching your giveaway idea to them. Is it because they have a readership that would appreciate what you’re giving away? Is it because they’ve mentioned your brand before in one of their posts and got a good response from their readers? Explain the value of partnering with your company on a giveaway to paint a clear picture of your idea.

Once you find, pitch and negotiate with influencers, the next step is to create and implement your social media giveaway.

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