Social Shopping: Pinterest and Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are soon going to make social shopping a reality. The two networks are both working on ways to make the online shopping experience easier on consumers while on their sites.

social shopping

The changes should also make it easy for community managers and advertisers to show a return on investment.

Social Shopping on Pinterest

Pinterest announced Buyable Pins are coming to their site. At launch, Pinterest will feature brands like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Cole Haan and Nordstrom. Other businesses that use Shopify or Demandware will also have the ability to activate Buyable Pins.

Pinterest states Buyable Pins are mobile friendly, safe and secure. They will be available on iPhone and iPad at launch, but won’t be available on Android or desktop until future releases.

Buyable Pins still let you control the shopping experience—Pinterest doesn’t take a cut from your sales and you still get to handle shipping and customer service the way you always have.

Social Shopping on Instagram

Instagram is set to begin testing on direct response formats. In an effort to help advertisers drive business results, the new formats encourage users to “Shop”, “Install”, “Sign Up”, and “Learn More.” This will give and advertisers the ability to drive consumers directly to their website or app from their sponsored content.

social shopping

Instagram says this direct response feature will not only help advertisers, but the community as well, as people will be able to learn about a product or service and then take action directly from an ad to sign up on a website, buy a product, or download an app.

This feature will reduce the number of clicks required for a user to make a purchase. Currently, you can “click the link in bio” and it will drive you to the company’s page, but you can’t make in-app purchases.

What are your thoughts about social shopping? Do you think this will be good for advertisers? What other opportunities do you think these network changes will open?

Use Pinterest To Rock Your Ecommerce Site

If your business has an ecommerce site, utilizing Pinterest is an excellent way to boost your revenue! You can create boards to catalog your merchandise and cross promote products.

Pinterest is laying the groundwork for an eCommerce “buy” button. According to reporter Jason Del Rey, merchants could be able to start limited testing in as little as three months.

ecommerce site

With more than 70 million monthly users, Pinterest is easily one of the largest and fastest-growing social networks around. And when it comes to eCommerce, Pinterest already dominates many of its competitors. In fact, Pinterest users boast the highest average checkout value of all social media referral shoppers, and Pinterest-referred users spend an average of 70% more than their non-pinning counterpart.

Even though the buy button isn’t available yet, there are still ways you can increase your ecommerce site conversions using Pinterest right now!

Ecommerce Site Conversion with Pinterest

1. Polish Your Pins

Make sure your pin attracts engagement! Here are a few things you can do to make your pins standout.

  • Put a price in your pin to increase the chance of it being liked by 36%.
  • Add a call to action for an 80% increase in engagement.
  • Keep your brand images free-of-faces for a 23% boost in repins.
  • Rein in your character count to 200-300 for a 57% increase in shares.
  • Think vertical: images that are 800 pixels tall are shared 67% more than those that are only 400 pixels tall.

2. Use Pinterest Tools

Ensure you’re using all of the tools Pinterest offers – such as widgets and analytics.

  • Place a Pin It button on your ecommerce site to encourage sharing.
  • Add extra details (like show times and prices) using Rich Pins.
  • Check your analytics page to monitor content popularity.

3. Optimize Your Site

Be sure your site is responsive and mobile-friendly. More than 75% of Pinterest traffic comes from the mobile app.

If this buy button is introduced, it could have a huge impact on ecommerce. How are you using Pinterest to convert shoppers to your ecommerce site?

How To Use The New Pinterest Analytics Tool

The Pinterest Analytics Tool got a facelift! The more detailed insights gives you access to a variety of data, including how potential customers interact with your pins beyond your website.

Pinterest Analytics Tool - The Savvy Socialista

The original Pinterest Analytics tool has been around since March 2013. It analyzed image performance on your Pinterest account by measuring:

  • clicks
  • reach
  • repins
  • visits
  • who is repinning your content

This is invaluable data about Pinterest all on its own. The problem with it was the visual presentation, and how difficult it was to use.

The new Pinterest Analytics Dashboard will now help your brands understand how fans are interacting with your content. The first piece of information you’re presented with as your overall reach across Pinterest. You get the big picture first, and can then break it down by:

  • the number of clicks for each piece of content
  • impressions for your pins
  • likes that images receive
  • how this information changes over time

pinterest analytics tool

This is much like how the old Pinterest Analytics Tool worked, but with a new and better interface.

They didn’t stop at a mere cosmetic go over, the new Pinterest Analytics Dashboard will also let you:

  • gain insights in other behavior of your fans
  • break fans down by country, gender, language spoken
  • discover the most popular categories of pins amongst their followers

With this information you’ll be even more capable of creating Pinterest campaigns that appeal to your users, find new fans, and make your ROI even better as you focus on the people that really matter.

To gain access to Pinterest’s new analytics, you must have a Pinterest business account. When that’s in place, head over to your analytics dashboard.

Your Pinterest Analytics dashboard shows an overview of the three main categories:Your Pinterest Profile, Your Audience and Activity From (Your Website). You can click on each category to see additional details and have a better idea of how your Pinterest efforts are paying off.

The bottom of the page features your five Top Pin Impressions from the past 30 days. At a glance you can see how many repins, clicks and likes these pins have and whether they are rich pins.

Not only can the Pinterest Analytics Tool help you market better on Pinterest, but the focus on specific products can help you determine which products you want to keep around and sell, and which may need to find their way to the discount bin.

To see how we handle our business account, follow the The Savvy Socialista on Pinterest!

Pinterest Boards Users Love To Follow

Many brands struggle after they set up their Pinterest Boards with trying to figure out what boards to create. People will follow you if they share similar interests.

pinterest boards



This is why you benefit by creating boards that are aligned to the most popular categories on Pinterest. Here is a lists of the 10 Most Popular Pinterest Boards:


  1. Food & Drink
  2. DIY & Crafts
  3. Home Decor
  4. Women’s Fashion
  5. Inspirational Quotes
  6. Health & Fitness
  7. Humor
  8. Travel
  9. Technology
  10. Hair & Beauty

Choosing the most popular categories that will resonate with your target audience can increase your number of followers. 

Pinterest recently posted on their blog a list of which categories receive the most engagement on each day of the week:

  • Monday: the week starts with good intentions in fitness
  • Tuesday: next up, gadgets are all the rage in technology
  • Wednesday: need a little something to get through the week —- inspirational quotes
  • Thursday: threads lead Thursday with fashion
  • Friday: GIFs bring some comic relief to the end of the week with humor. Humor is one of the fastest growing categories on Pinterest and holds the top spot on Friday. More than 3 million humor Pins are saved each day. And, in the five months since the GIFs launch, more than 400,000 GIFs are Pinned everyday.
  • Saturday: summer vacations are top of mind with travels.

As of June 2014 there are now more than one billion travel Pins on Pinterest, more than 300 unique countries and territories are represented in the system, and more than four million Place Boards have been created by Pinners.A

  • Sunday: the week closes with food and craft ideas

Also, make sure when you label your boards, you give them a specific name. Simply saying “Pretty Space” will not resonate with people as well as “Home Office Decor” will, for example.

Are you tracking your most popular Pinterest Boards? What are they? Tell us in the comments!

Branding Your Business On Pinterest

If your social media strategy includes Pinterest, you want to make sure you are branding your business to achieve your marketing goals. Many successful businesses are using Pinterest to drive traffic and increase sales.

It’s important to be consistent when branding your business – both online and off. That means using the same logo or profile photo, focusing on the same topics, and maintaining the same professional quality.

Yes, you can be quirky and unique if it fits with your brand and, more importantly, your customers.

Here are a few tips to make sure you are branding your business properly on Pinterest.

branding your business

During Set-Up

1. Get a verified business account. Simply go to your profile and click on the pencil in the bottom-right corner of the name box. Enter your web address in the Website field, then click “verify website.” Follow the instructions.

Once your website’s been verified, you’ll see a checkmark next to it and will have access to your web analytics when you’re logged in,

2. Put your logo on all graphics and images. As pins get pinned and re-pinned, it is easy for the origin of the pin to be lost. With your logo on it, someone can search for you!

3. Make sure you use the same logo and board cover as you did on other social media outlets. It’s that consistency that will let people know they have landed on the correct page immediately.


Branding Basics
1. Create relevant boards to communicate your brand. One board can be your products and services. Another board could be contests and promotions (if relevant). Another board could be “trends we love” (this could vary based on the type of business you are running).  An alternative option and one we tend to lean towards is to pin your products throughout all of your boards, not just having one dedicated board to your products.  This keeps things interesting and doesn’t make it look like it’s “all about you”.

2. Create new content. In other words, don’t just repin what others have already pinned. Always be on the lookout for new pins that no one else has found. If you’re like me, you see a lot of the same pins come through.

3. Be active! Make sure to stay active on the site and pin your own stuff! However, don’t only get on the site to simply pin your own stuff.

Read more about using Pinterest for your business on one of our previous blog posts.

Are you overwhelmed with Pinterest?  We are available! We have many clients that we pin for on a monthly basis.  We can pin all items from your website and/or we can pin other relative content.  Just let us know how we can assist you!

How have you found success branding your business on Pinterest?

Pinterest Pushes New Article Pins

Pinterest has been working hard to enhance your pinning experience recently. Last week they unveiled promoted pins. The latest new detail allows you to find, save, and share article pins more easily!

More than 5 million articles are pinned everyday. Article pins have already included a link out to their source, but Pinterest users have often stayed within the site, rather than clicking through to stories that pique their interest.

Article Pins The Savvy Socialista

This new opportunity may make articles look more interesting, making Pinterest as much about content discovery as it is about image curation.

The article pin enhancements follow updates to product, recipe, and movie pins, which now include rich information like where they can be purchased, or in the case of recipes, details like how long it takes to make them.

Pin now, read later

When you come across articles you may not have time to read, or just want to keep for later, you can save them to your own reading list board. For example, you may be reading a lot about healthy living, so you could save the most interesting articles to a healthy reading board.

sharing article pins The Savvy Socialista

The types of reading list boards you create and save is up to you! Sharing articles on Pinterest is similar to how Instapaper and Pocket perform.

You can also create your own Pinterest reading room and see what other pinners are reading! For example, you can follow along with Alyssa Milano’s reading list board for a collection of articles about sports, science, technology and art.

The staff of The Huffington Post Parents blog share their top parenting articles from Huffington Post and blogs from around the web, Health editors share their favorite reads here, and tech editors here

Pinterest is still rolling out the new article pins feature. so your old pins will not reflect the new change and some of your new pins may still revert back to the old style. So don’t worry if it doesn’t show up for you just yet!

Are you excited about this new feature?  Do you see yourself using the article pins feature?  We’d like to hear about!

How Pinterest Drives Online Sales

Pinterest is now the third most popular social media networking site. With more than 70 million active users and climbing, it’s a social network you can’t afford to ignore. According to social login provider Gigya’s latest numbers, Pinterest drives online sales by grabbing 41% of eCommerce traffic. Compare that to Facebook at 37%.

Since Pinterest is centered around the social discovery of objects (as opposed to friends and family), it makes sense Pinterest would eventually have the upper hand, but it’s an accomplishment for any platform to sneak up on Facebook’s number-one-in-everything status.

How Pinterest Drives Online Sales The Savvy Socialista

Here is how Pinterest plays a role in eCommerce sales:

1. Pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without.
2. Reports suggest buyers from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy.
3. The average order is $80 from a Pinterest pin. That’s double the price from Facebook!

Pinterest drives online sales to your site when you do the following:

1. Pinnable images on every page
The way you get traffic from Pinterest is by getting your images pinned by other Pinterest users. And in order to get that traffic, you need to have images that people will want to pin.

2. Pin It Button
While avid Pinterest users will pin great images at will, casual users might need a little nudge in the right direction.

This is where the Pin It button comes in. If you have enabled the Pin It button on your product pages, then people will be reminded they have a Pinterest account and will find it convenient to pin your image to their account like Lancaster Home & Holiday does below:

Pinterest Drives Online Sales The Savvy Socialista

3. Run Pinterest Promotions and Contests
One of the most effective ways to drum up interest for your brand and products on Pinterest is to run a contest.

These campaigns often ask pinners to post images of themselves with a product, using a product, or demonstrating some activity associated with a product.

If you’re looking for more ideas on ways to maximize your Pinterest Business Page, click here to see another post we wrote.

With a strong strategy and proper execution, you will soon see how Pinterest drives online sales to your website.  Not enough time to set up your Pinterest page or keep it up?  Contact us and we can help you out!