You may be asking, “how’d The Savvy Socialista come to be”?  Well let me share with you my journey!  In January of 2010 I began managing a few people’s Facebook pages, just for the fun of it.  I enjoyed telling people about things I loved and encouraging folks to check out new and exciting businesses.  By October of 2010 I had several other people asking if I would manage their Facebook page.  I loved doing it, so I thought, why not make a little business from it.  So my sister and I were chatting on the phone about what I could call my business and she immediately exclaimed, “The Savvy Socialista!”  And so it was born!


I started a Facebook page, hired a designer and a web developer and The Savvy Socialista launched in February 2011.  I had no idea how quickly it would grow and bring on a life of it’s own.  My original plan was to just update people’s Facebook pages and trust me, I still do that every single day!  But, now I’ve hired a team of amazing people! We started designing business logos, branding, print collateral and websites!  We blog for several different companies, handle Pinterest, Instagram and more!


By November of 2012 we quickly learned it was time to change up the website to reflect all that we do. I wanted people to see the amazing things coming out of Team Savvy and inspire others to dream big for their business!

We are years in now and I like to think I have my footing, but with the ever changing world of social media and the next best thing in design, I’m constantly researching and learning more.  I do know that I absolutely love what I do, love the people that I work with on a daily basis and am proud of the work accomplished by The Savvy Socialista.

The Savvy Socialista was born to encourage and assist people in bringing their business to life and that main goal will never change!  Are you dreaming big for your biz?