Systemize Your Social Media Tasks To Save Time

Systemize Your Social Media Tasks To Save Time The Savvy Socialista

So many social media posts, so little time! Now that many of you have accepted social media as part of your business marketing mix to get more followers who hopefully will turn into buyers of your product or service, where does one find the time to add these new tasks to an already full plate? Well, we thought we’d share with our readers some tips on how you can be more efficient in…

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Tips on Making Sure Your Facebook Content Gets Seen


Whether it’s a company blog post, article on your website or other content marketing piece, publicizing it on social media, particularly Facebook, is important  for maximum leverage and visibility. But to make sure your Facebook fans are getting to see your company’s Facebook content, read on. As we discussed in an earlier business blog post, each Facebook user has a news feed that is based on their network and their pattern of activity….

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Reinforcing Your Branding Across Social Media Platforms

Build a Brand-The Savvy Socialista

An article I read recently gave great examples of how big brands successfully use the most popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to reinforce their branding to current and potential customers. Here are three popular companies and how they brand themselves across different platforms: Let’s start with Target. They seem to have cornered the red color market and it works beautifully for them. Their Facebook cover image shows a…

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Get more LIKES by Hosting Facebook Contests

Facebook Contests

          By now, most of you know that setting up a Facebook page for business should be included as part of your marketing mix. But are you maximizing it to its full potential? In order for that to happen, one thing you need to do, if at all possible, is to run Facebook Contests. Not only does it help drive more traffic to your Facebook page but helps you to get more LIKES….

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Instagram for business–it’s the New Frontier

The Savvy Socialista-Instagram for Business

I know, just when you figured out how to do business branding  on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and possibly even Pinterest. along comes another one to consider. We are talking about Instagram and if you have pre-teens or teens at home, there is a good chance you heard about it from them. Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, its popularity has soared and since it is a free way to…

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How Twitter Can Help Small Business Marketing

The Savvy Socialista Twitter for Small Business Marketing

For as much as Twitter can help businesses, it’s interesting how a good amount of business owners think this social medium is only good for big brands or if you are a celebrity or in the public eye. While it certainly does work well for them, it can also help those who are marketing their small or medium sized business. Twitter has played a key role in the rise of the social…

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Brand New WordPress eCommerce Website

Mommy and Company Brand Board

We are happy to announce the recent launch of another eye-catching website—this time for our fabulous client Mommy & Company. The owner wanted a unique and creative WordPress eCommerce website that had fun branding elements and that’s what we gave her!  We worked hand and hand with the client to ensure that each element of her new website reflected everything she wanted.  We are thrilled to have given her a shopping website…

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Branding Tips for a Small Budget


Now more than ever, having a strong branding for your business is essential to standing out over your competitors. But as a small business owner, we know it is tough to compete against those with big advertising dollars who can easily promote their branding image. So what do you do? We found some helpful tips from an informative blog targeted to small business owners. It’s called and here is…

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Tips to Effective, Eye-Catching Website Design


If you are ready to launch a new business or revamp the branding of an existing one—designing a visually appealing and fully functional website is a key part of the success equation. So if you have asked yourself, “how do I start a website and design a look that will help me move my business forward”, this blog post is for you!  We will give you clear tips on how to create an…

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Simple Steps to Setting Up a Facebook Business Page

Facebook Cover Image The Savvy Socialista

Whether you are looking for Facebook page developers like us who can create and set up an eye-catching Facebook page for your business or you plan to do it yourself, this blog post is for you!                                                                         Here are some informative tips we found on a blog by Think of how you want to classify your business. Facebook provides six different classifications to choose from: Local business or place, artist…

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