Boost SEO results in your Biz Blog Posts

seo graphic-1

As we mentioned in earlier blog posts, we are big fans of including a business blog when you open a website and hope as a business owner, you have considered adding a blog to your business marketing mix. However, you need to make sure you optimize your posts to get the maximum SEO results from your efforts.   For some of you, those three little words –search engine optimization—can make…

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Pinterest helps you Get More Followers of your Brand

The Savvy Socialista-Get more followers of your brand using Pinterest

Most of us know the story behind the start and rise of Facebook thanks to the success of the movie, The Social Network and all the publicity that Facebook generates. But did you know that since its roll out to the public in March 2011 (and developed in 2009), Pinterest has been named by many organizations, including SAP and Netbase, as the fastest growing social site ever? Smart businesses are…

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Best Tips for Better Business Blogging

The Savvy Socialista explains how to blog.

As a follow up to our latest post on why it’s a great idea to start a blog in 2013, I wanted to share more social media news with you. This post’s topic is to help guide you to better business blogging. Check out our 10 tips below: Use great photos and visuals– we are a visual society so using good photos to reinforce your message in a blog post is important. You…

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Start the New Year off with a Business Blog

Photo from Google Images

It’s 2013 and time to take a fresh look at your social media marketing strategy and make sure it will include everything you need to achieve the best results for the coming year. If you are a business owner who hasn’t set up a business blog yet, then this is the year to do so! It is not as intimidating as it might seem at first and don’t worry–you don’t have to…

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A WordPress Blog helps with Branding

The Savvy Socialista's branding board for Life Over Ice

Hip, Hip, Hooray!  It’s our latest branding identity board that we did for our client, Life Over Ice!  When Nikki, the founder of Adult Beverage Company, came to us with this fantastic concept of creating a blog where she can share her off-the wall stories and great business tips we jumped at the opportunity to work with her.  Not only is Nikki super fun, but her ideas were right up…

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Don’t forget Content Marketing

Start a website and include content marketing

When putting together an overall customer communications/marketing strategy for your biz, a few things come to mind.   Let’s see….start a new website—check, develop marketing materials—check, create a Facebook business page and set up a Twitter account—check, check. But have you considered adding content marketing to the mix? Not aware of the concept of content marketing? It is basically a way of communicating to your existing and potential clients any information…

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New Logo, Branding and eCommerce Website

I Thee Bling Website

I’m so happy to share with you the newest logo, branding and eCommerce Website launch of yet another fabulous client of ours– I Thee Bling. Our client owns an online boutique that offers beautiful, high quality bridal accessories, “Couture for every Girl”, all on one website, which saves brides time and money.  Who wants to waste time searching website after website for items from several different vendors?  Really, it’s genius!  You can…

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Brand Identity and Magento eCommerce Website

The Savvy Socialista Branding for Layna Lark

I’m thrilled to share a new website we recently launched for one of our Web Development clients–Layna Lark, an online retailer of high quality fabulous jewelry. The Savvy Socialista developed a brand identity style and color palette for her website (see our graphic below) that matches the overall look she wanted to achieve for her beautiful jewelry line and still keep a high functioning Magento eCommerce Website. If you are…

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