Are You Misusing Social Media?

misusing social media

Social media is an integral part of your business branding. However, if you’ve been posting, tweeting and pinning for several months and you’re not seeing results it likely means you’re misusing social media. An active social media presence is the cost of doing business these days, so don’t make these 4 costly mistakes. 4 Ways You Could Be Misusing Social Media 1.  #TooManyHashtags Hashtags work well when used correctly. Use…

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When To Use Hashtags

Use Hashtags

By now you likely know the importance of using hashtags in your social media posts, but are you getting the most out of them? Do you know when it’s appropriate to use hashtags? Before we dive into the best time to use hashtags, let’s cover a few basics: There are no spaces used in hashtags. If you try to use spaces in a hashtag, the search engines will only recognize…

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Common Magento SEO Mistakes

Magento SEO mistakes

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, Magento is one of the most search-engine friendly systems. If you’re preparing to launch a new store or already have a live site, make sure you aren’t making these common Magento SEO mistakes. Common Magento SEO Mistakes 1. Home Page Title  Make sure your home page title doesn’t simply say “home.” The home page is usually a CMS page. Get in there and change the title of…

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Social Media Giveaway Partnerships

social media giveaway

If you offer giveaways on your Facebook page, we can help you drives sales and grows brand awareness for your products or services through a partnership an influencer for your next social media giveaway! How To Partner with Influencers On Your Next Social Media Giveaway 1. Do Research To find potential influencers, use the search features of popular social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to discover influencers in your industry….

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How To Create Stand Out Content

December 1st, 2015
stand out content

Brands are pushing their message in front of people daily, so how do you create stand out content to separate yourself from the masses? You need to find your unique selling point. It needs to be something more than “great price” or “best service” promises. Everyone claims to offer these things. You need to find out what makes your business different from any other, and create content which feels and…

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5 Principals for Effective Email Subject Lines

November 25th, 2015
email subject lines

Email subject lines are the first thing someone sees when your email arrives in their inbox. If you think about it, it’s quite similar to the first time you meet someone new. Are you smiling? Did you shake their hand? What are you wearing? Did you make them feel comfortable and welcomed? All of these things happen in a split second and that first impression can easily become a lasting…

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How To Create An Effective Call To Action

November 24th, 2015
effective call to action

When someone lands on your website, it’s important to guide your visitors through the buying journey using an effective call to action (CTA). In order to create an opportunity for your visitor to dig deeper, you need to make an impact. Here are a few examples of companies with effective call to action plans. 1. Evernote Want to remember everything? Sign up for Evernote. Immediately you understand the message the moment you land…

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How To Utilize Snapchat Marketing

snapchat marketing

By now you may have probably heard about Snapchat and heard companies are starting to get on board with Snapchat marketing, but aren’t sure if it’s right for your business. Snapchat is a video messaging application. Users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos are known as “Snaps”. Users set a time limit for how long…

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Common Myths About Logo Design

logo design - the savvy socialista3

No other design format more misunderstood and mystified than logo design. It seems everyone has a theory about what makes or breaks a good logo, but none of them seem to be working. Here are top logo design myths to be aware of, and to avoid at all cost: 1. A Logo Has To Tell Your Brand’s Whole Story A logo is not a storytelling device — it’s a form…

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How To Utilize User Generated Content

user generated content

Launching a user generated content campaign can be one of the most effective ways to build your brand. User generated content is a unique opportunity to have new content to share with your customers submitted by your customers! It allows them to have a voice and share their views. According to Bazaar Voice, 64% of millennials and 53% of baby boomers want more options to share their opinions about brands, while…

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Battling Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Update

facebook's latest algorithm update

Facebook admins need to take note about Facebook’s latest algorithm update. In April, Facebook announced they were making changes to help people see more relevant content. Here are three important tips to help you battle Facebook’s latest algorithm update. 1. Share Your Videos Natively Sharing your videos natively simply means uploading them on Facebook. Don’t upload it to your YouTube channel and then share the link. Facebook wants your video to…

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Social Shopping: Pinterest and Instagram

social shopping

Pinterest and Instagram are soon going to make social shopping a reality. The two networks are both working on ways to make the online shopping experience easier on consumers while on their sites. The changes should also make it easy for community managers and advertisers to show a return on investment. Social Shopping on Pinterest Pinterest announced Buyable Pins are coming to their site. At launch, Pinterest will feature brands like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus,…

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How To Increase Revenue With Your Ecommerce Site

ecommerce site

Running an ecommerce site is a full time job (likely a job in addition to your other job or brick and mortar store), so it can be difficult to figure out how to increase your revenue without increasing the cost of your products. If you’re struggling to figure out some additional ways to increase revenue, we’ve come up with 15 strategies to help assist you with your ecommerce site. Increase Revenue on…

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Why People Leave Your Website

leave your website

You’ve checked your web analytics and it seems many people are visiting your website, but few are converting into sales. You’ve got the traffic, but can’t figure out why people leave your website? You’ve written some compelling copy for your website, your product images are polished and your overall site design is professional, but you still aren’t sure what’s turning people away? Capturing conversions online takes a truly special combination of factors….

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Create and Launch a Marketing Campaign Quickly

October 27th, 2015
marketing campaign quickly

If you’re suddenly in a situation where you need to launch a marketing campaign quickly – maybe a situation arose requiring a quick-turnaround – we’ve created a 4 step approach to help you. Step 1: Assess and Create Content What kind of campaign are you trying to create? Are you selling a new product? Are you launching a sale? Are you trying to drive more traffic to your site? Once you…

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Logo Redesigns of 2015

Logo Redesign The Savvy Socialista

A logo redesign can be a risky undertaking. When The New York Times removed the period from its logo in 1967, many were outraged at the change, which was supposed to save the paper on ink costs. The deletion was so surprising to readers that it may have even resulted in losing 1,000 subscribers. Yet each year, brands make the decision to refresh or go through a complete overhaul of their most visible asset. We’re…

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Content Creation Myths

October 20th, 2015
content creation myths

It seems as if content creation myths keep growing. The more evolved Google’s algorithm becomes, the more important it is to create the best user experience possible within your site as well as your content. Since Google is constantly changing, and there’s not really a definitive guide on what works, a lot of myths get repeated as ways to rank your site’s content. These content creation myths (which may have…

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Understanding The New Tumblr Tools, Interface


Tumblr recently released a new user interface for content creation. Tumblr is a microblogging service that allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. The new set of tools makes writing and adding media on Tumblr more dynamic than before. You can, for instance, add an image or video anywhere simply by clicking the ⊕ symbol that appears when you stat a new line of text. The update is also…

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How To Craft The Perfect Tweet

the perfect tweet

You only have 140 characters, so it’s important to learn how to craft the perfect tweet. You have to maximize the short space. The two most important pieces of the tweet are readability and ability to retweet. Elements of The Perfect Tweet 1. Keep It Shorter You may think it’s impossible to stay under 140 characters, but shorter tweets (about 120 characters) are easier to read and better for retweeting….

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Tips for Better Facebook Management

facebook management

Many of our clients tell us they struggle with Facebook management. Facebook has 1 billion members making it the biggest audience on social media. Effectively managing your Facebook Page a juggling act. You need to share the right content, engage with fans and track trends. You don’t want your social media efforts wasted – especially when the site is so important! Here’s a list of tips for better Facebook management. Facebook…

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Turn WordPress Links Into Buttons

wordpress links

Savvy small business owners know a great website is an important step in building customer trust and loyalty; however, making functionality adjustments without being an HTML designer can be difficult. But if you’re on WordPress, you can turn your WordPress links into buttons fairly easily! Many of our clients use WordPress to design their site. It’s a great option for driving SEO and it’s easy to maintain. In order to turn…

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How To Choose A Typeface


Selecting an appropriate typeface or family for text usage is a key aspect of a design project. The best starting point is to confirm the requirements of your client and the needs of the audience. Making the time to explore appropriate font options – whether it takes a few minutes or most of a day – is a smart investment. It will pave the way for an effective design solution…

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Is Your Social Media Presence Killing Your Brand?

September 24th, 2015
social media presence

A social media presence has great potential for businesses looking to increase their reach, traffic and leads. But when it’s not used properly, it can actually damage your brand’s reputation. Here are a few ways your social media presence can be killing your brand: 1. Inexperienced or Unsupervised Social Media Managers Your social media managers are the face of your company online. With social media now driving almost a third…

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Why You Shouldn’t Use A Web Design Template

web design template

Small business owners with small budgets often are lured into using a web design template instead of hiring a designer for their site. But using a template might cause more problems than it ends up being worth. Two Critical Web Design Template Implications 1. SEO Implications A lot of web design templates have a lot of extra bells and whistles included for you just in case you need them. You probably won’t…

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How To Curate Better Content

September 17th, 2015
better content

People are reading more content online than ever and that means you need to keep giving them better content to keep sending them back to your site.  Your readers don’t want to be sold – they want to be inspired, educated or entertained. The best content is useful, empathetic, and inspired. To get that content you need to ask questions! How To Curate Better Content What Are Your Customers Goals? Knowing…

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How To Launch Your Retail Store Online

September 15th, 2015
retail store online

If you have a retail business, but aren’t utilizing an ecommerce website, you’re missing an amazing opportunity to launch your retail store online. An ecommerce website will give you visibility and traction across the globe! Keep in mind, starting a retail store online reuires patience, diligence and the right online business tools. The ecommerce landscape delivers a wide range of business benefits, including operating a store 24 hours each day. How…

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Using Yoast With Your WordPress Site


Adding the Yoast plugin to your WordPress site gives you the opportunity to optimize your SEO tactics. Yoast assists you with your webpage titles and meta descriptions. Think of your website’s page titles and meta descriptions like a book. The book title, displayed on the front cover and spine of the book, tells what the book is about, much like the page title of your website’s webpages. The blurb on the…

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Make Twitter Work For Your Business

September 8th, 2015
make twitter work for your business

If your Twitter feed is feeling stale, you can easily revitalize it and make Twitter work for your business! Here are a few new ways to bring your Twitter feed back to life: 1. Organize Followers By List There are many people you need to follow on Twitter for business reasons such as customers, suppliers, neighboring businesses, peers and competitors. As the number of people you follow grows, so does…

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Drive Social Media Traffic To Your Retail Store

social media traffic

It may seem your social media traffic is constantly driving people to your ecommerce store. So how do you get your followers to get offline and into your retail store? Even though it may seem easier to funnel traffic to your website, it’s possible and valuable to use social media to funnel your followers to your physical store instead. Drive Social Media Traffic To Your Retail Store 1. Offer special coupons only…

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Securing Your Social Media Passwords

social media passwords

Most brands have multiple marketers sharing information on social media and keeping your social media passwords secure can be an issue. Social media accounts without a secure password can be hacked and could have a dramatic impact on your brand. Securing Your Social Media Passwords Use Mobile Verification – When you login from a new device (or maybe any device), you’re sent another code to validate via text message or…

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How Your Brand Appearance Affects Customers

brand appearance

Your brand appearance is everything when it comes to building your customer base. In this digital age, a brand is accepted as a completely immersive experience. The way an organization goes about their business, how others perceive them and the way they speak to consumers is all tied to their brand appearance. Branding is physical, and it is held in the hearts and minds of consumers. It is their experiences,…

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It’s Time To Drop Your Drop Down Menu

drop down menu

The drop down menu is becoming an outdated web design feature. Drop-downs are relics of our point-and-click past, replaced by minimalist navigation schemes designed around mobile-friendly taps and swipes. Menus will never go away. While we still use words, we need menus to navigate the collections of words we’re interested in. Characterized by a list of choices, menus let users identify the web page they think has the information they’re…

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5 Steps To Take Before You Post on Social Media

before you post on social media

Keeping a steady stream of content available on your social media accounts is easier than ever. There are countless free tools you can use to keep social media from sucking all of the available hours out of your day. But before you start scheduling out updates, you need to ask yourself a few things before you post on social media. 5 Steps To Take Before You Post on Social Media…

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Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly According to Google?


Beginning April 21, 2015, Google will rank mobile-friendly websites higher than others in mobile searches. You will lose website visitors and potential sales if your site fails their standard.   Test Your Site Against Google’s Mobile-Friendly Standards Google’s definition of mobile-friendly is pretty strict.  Google says, “Mobile-friendly sites “load and display correctly on mobile devices so visitors can have the best user experience.” To find out if your site needs fixed…

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How To Write Mobile-friendly Blog Posts

mobile-friendly blog

Google is now rewarding you for having a mobile-friendly website and that includes having mobile-friendly blog posts.  Beginning April 21, 2015, Google announced mobile-friendly pages would receive better rankings and helpful labels. Unfriendly pages will get ranked lower. From a technical perspective, mobile-friendly blog posts means more than ensuring you have a responsive website. Mobile devices changed how we design websites and they changed how we write short content for…

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How To Humanize Your Brand on Social Media

humanize your brand

Building relationships should be your branding focus; however, if you are one of many companies struggling to figure out how to humanize your brand on social media, rest assured you’re not alone. Many have tried and failed to make social media connections that simply feel artificial. Engaging with your social audience on a meaningful level, helps humanize your brand. Here are a few tips on how you can sound like a human…

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Writing Your Website’s First Blog Posts

first blog posts

If you’re getting a new website – or starting your website for the first time – it can be difficult to figure out what to do with your time while the web designer is working. Now is a perfect time to start writing your website’s first blog posts. Blogging is a cornerstone of classic inbound marketing. No marketing pro will let you go without one. While your other experts are hard…

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Give Your Email Campaign A Makeover

email campaign

If you haven’t updated your email template in two to three years it probably looks a little outdated. Here are some easy ways to improve the look and functionality of your email campaign. Mobile Responsive Email Campaign It’s hard to ignore the fact that 50 percent of people are opening and reading emails on their mobile devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets. If you’re not using a mobile responsive theme for your emails, they…

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Why The Meta Description Matters

meta description

The meta description may not be a ranking factor to the search engines, but that doesn’t mean that it should be ignored completely. A well written meta description can strongly influence the amount of traffic that your website receives from a specific search result. It’s important to know what details they should contain, in what format, so that machines can read them easily and display the correct information. But it’s just…

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Elements of an SEO Strategy

SEO strategy

Everyone wants to have a successful SEO strategy; however, often too many times all people speak about are the tactics. Unless these tactics are backed by a solid strategy they amount to little more than busy work. Your SEO strategy starts with several very important questions: What problem do you solve? Until someone has a problem, they don’t search for a solution. If they aren’t searching for the solution, they…

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Share Content Marketing Responsiblities

content marketing

Social media can be demanding. That’s why we recommend you split up the content marketing responsibilities so each team member has a small piece to handle. This allows you to share the workload. That means if you get busy or skip a day, your company still has a presence on your social media platforms. Vacations are no longer a problem because other team members can pick up some slack without being overloaded….

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Should You Remove Social Media Icons From Your Website?

social media icons

If you have social media icons on the homepage of your website, you’d better be sure those accounts are active. The accounts need to provide something of value since that’s what you’re promising your visitors on your homepage. When visitors click on an icon leading them to an inactive page, you’ve wasted their time and likely given them a negative impression about the kind of service your company is willing…

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How To Create A Call-To-Action Button on Facebook

call-to-action button

Now you can drive more traffic from your Facebook Page to your website with a new Facebook feature:: a call-to-action button. If you’re an administrator, you’ll see the option when you navigate to your Facebook Page. Page administrators can choose one call-to-action button from a group of seven pre-made options: Sign Up -to push customers to email subscription page on website Shop Now – if your business sells merchandise Contact Us – pretty…

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Increase Social Shares On Your Website

social shares

A great way to drive more traffic to your website is through social shares. If you boost the appeal of your website content and optimize your posts, it allows for easy sharing on social channels. Here are 3 key ways to increase your social shares: 1. Optimize Images Images and rich media are driving more results for brands than ever before, so it’s important that your images are appealing and…

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Beware Of The Long Scrolling Home Page

long scrolling home page

The latest web design trend, a long scrolling home page, should come with a warning label. While it works beautifully for many websites and helps with mobile optimization, it might not be the right design for your site. However, before you suddenly decide to switch your web design in favor of a long scrolling home page, you should take a look at what your customers are looking at when they come to…

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Top Web Design Trends for 2015

web design trends

Each year web design trends grow and change to accommodate new technology and new user habits. We’ve rounded up the top trends for 2015 for you to incorporate into your current site or if you’re planning a redesign this year!   The biggest of the web design trends will continue to grow and stay in focus is using mobile. Research shows: Americans spend 2 1/2 hours per day on their mobile…

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Use Pinterest To Rock Your Ecommerce Site

ecommerce site

If your business has an ecommerce site, utilizing Pinterest is an excellent way to boost your revenue! You can create boards to catalog your merchandise and cross promote products. Pinterest is laying the groundwork for an eCommerce “buy” button. According to reporter Jason Del Rey, merchants could be able to start limited testing in as little as three months. With more than 70 million monthly users, Pinterest is easily one of the…

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Secrets of Effective Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing can be an effective tool to keep in touch with your list members each month with a newsletter. One of the best ways to use email is to run promotions. Promotional emails can help you announce a new product, sell a product or get sign-ups for an event. While your newsletter is designed to inform them and build trust, your email marketing efforts are there to build on that…

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How To Use Hashtags To Improve Online Presence


When used correctly hashtags, can be a great way to expose your social media updates to an audience beyond your direct followers. Statistics show tweets with hashtags receive double the engagement of tweets that don’t. However, hashtags aren’t just for Twitter anymore! Facebook and Instagram are also utilizing them for their online engagement. Hashtags are user-controlled category marketings for social media platforms. Strategic, consistent use of hashtags to create and…

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Website Navigation Tips To Enhance User Experience

website navigation

One of the most important website elements is navigation. Not only does the website navigation tell us what your site contains, it helps us (the user) find what we’re looking for. Creating clear navigational structure is essential to ensuring the positive user experience people expect when they visit a website. Users have a wealth of information at their fingertips and it’s important to remember the competition is always just a…

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How To Choose The Best Social Media Platforms

social media platform

Most brands have discovered the power of social media are looking to capitalize on it. However, figuring out which social media platforms are right for your business. You should choose a platform or platforms are a best fit to your business and concentrate solely on them. If you need help deciding which platforms are right for you take a look at this infographic from QuickSprout which tells you who should be…

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How to Repurpose Old Content

February 17th, 2015
repurpose old content

A resourceful blogging tip for the avid updater: repurpose old content to drive new traffic. If you’ve been blogging for long, you likely have a lot of great content. Much of it may still be relevant to readers. There’s no reason you can’t repurpose old content to build traffic for your site and drive business to your company. Four Ways To Repurpose Old Content Through your next blog post: Do you ever…

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How to Capitalize On The Rise of Instagram Marketing

February 11th, 2015
instagram marketing

Instagram marketing is quickly catching up to Facebook and closing the gap on brand marketing. Brand activity is growing much faster on Instagram than Facebook. It’s important to keep in mind Instagram is a newer social media site; therefore, it’s not completely surprising to see how well it’s performing. However, what is significant to note: Instagram is achieving three times the engagement per post when compared to Facebook. Big brands have…

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How To Create Your Email Marketing Plan

February 9th, 2015
email marketing

You likely know you need an email marketing plan, but feel overwhelmed running your business, so you don’t know where to start. The good news is – it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming! Think about this: email marketing has three times as many user accounts as Twitter and Facebook combined! Done well, email marketing drives conversions, increases ROI, and gives you a way to speak to your customers interests specifically….

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How To Set Up A Google+ Business Page


With more than 100 million monthly active desktop and mobile users, Google+ is quickly becoming a world leader in social media. Also, because Google+ serves as a core part of Google functionality, it definitely deserves your marketing attention. Setting up your Google+ business page early in the website development process ensures greater brand visibility as soon as your new website goes live. If your website is already live, Google+ can…

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How To Take Quality Stock Photos With Your Phone

February 3rd, 2015
stock photos

Pictures brighten up webpages and enrich calls to action. A carefully chosen, well-crafted stock photos works perfectly in many cases. But if you’ve got the budget, hire a professional photographer to take pictures unique to your business. If you don’t have the budget, a little practice and a photo editing app can help design stock photos! For the below pictures, we used an iPhone 5 and VSCOcam: The Key To Taking Good Pictures…

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SEO Writing for Top Search Results

SEO writing

We’ve seen a lot of growth in SEO writing in the past decade. We’ve entered the era of intelligent content, laced with smart optimization, and is penned by qualified writers. Brands and marketers can gain inspiration outlined in Google’s Search Quality Guidelines when creating quality content guidelines for Web pages, social media posts, press releases, or educational guides. After all, don’t we want to influence the quantity and quality of traffic to a…

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Free Graphic Design Resources

January 26th, 2015
graphic design

Many small businesses can’t afford to have a graphic designer on staff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some graphic design resources to use in your digital marketing efforts! Fortunately, there are several free websites out there geared to help you come up with some quality graphic design for your blog or social media sites. Free Graphic Design Resources 1. Canva It’s really easy to get set up and use….

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Why You Should Blog Regularly

January 22nd, 2015
blog regularly

The two main reasons your company you should blog regularly are trust and reach. Your blog is probably your most potent promotional channel and even more effective than traditional advertising. People are more likely to trust your company and its regular blog posts. The public tends to be more critical about traditional advertising. They would sooner trust what a friend recommends than trust what an ad says.   By consistently posting information…

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When Is It Time For A Website Makeover?

website makeover

A question we’re frequently asked is “when is it time for a website makeover?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. You should redesign your website when it makes sense for your business. Okay, so how do you know when it makes sense? A good rule of thumb is to plan a website makeover when the site no longer meets your company objectives, or is not meeting its overall…

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Make Your Content More Social Media Friendly

social media

Social media makes content marketing easy. It allows your readers and audience members do the work for you by constantly sharing your content with their audience on social media – for free! However, it doesn’t always work like that. It could be because your content isn’t very social media friendly. Here are some ideas about basic adjustments to make your content more friendly – which will make it more likely your readers will be to…

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A Christmas Card that fits my Brand

January 12th, 2015
The Savvy Socialista Christmas Card Brand

Christmas card time is always an exciting (read stressful) time around our home.  I’m a firm believer that we must send out something spectacular each year….I mean it is representative of my business and all!  What I sent out is speaks volumes of my brand.  I want people to be wowed and our card to be memorable. This year, my family and I spent time in Southern California with dream photographer,…

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How To Improve Search Engine Rankings in 2015

improve search engine rankings

Google is updating its existing algorithms which means you need to make some adjustments to improve search engine rankings in 2015. We want to make sure your site stays on top! We’ve compiled a list of ways you can improve search engine rankings in the up-coming year. 1. Mobile Could Make Or Break Your Rankings Google has started showing the term “mobile friendly” in their search results. Google has also been penalizing sites…

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The Most Important Web Pages On Your Website

important web pages

In web design, there are core principals you need to adhere to for success. Part of that success depends on these important web pages being part of your website. Your budget may be limited, but if you can ensure the pages listed below are part of your website, you’ve already made a big impact. Home Page – This may be one of your most important web pages. The home page…

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Easy Facebook Holiday Contest Ideas

facebook holiday contest

The holiday shopping season has begun! If you’re in need of some quick and easy Facebook holiday contest ideas, we’ve compiled a list for you! The majority of Facebook users say they are likely to share a link to a holiday contest or giveaway. Remember to offer a prize that’s relevant to your brand. These easy Facebook holiday contest ideas can be done in minutes –  whether you build campaigns/apps or run simple…

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Improve Your Instagram Marketing

December 22nd, 2014
instagram marketing

If Instagram marketing is part of your overall marketing plan, it may be time for an audit of how you use the site. Instagram is more than a fun, photo-based social network. It can help you promote your products or services, get more leads and generate conversions. Instagram Marketing Tactics 1. Add Link To Profile The only place where you can put a clickable link on Instagram is in your…

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The Savvy Socialista’s Cyber Monday Giveaway

The Savvy Socialista Giveaway

***The Savvy Socialista Cyber Monday Giveaway has ended.*** The winner is Katherine Binkley!   It’s that time of year again! After Black Friday is over and everyone has shopped Small Biz Saturday it is time for Cyber Monday! People sit at their desks and peruse website after website looking for great deals to snatch up.  Well, have I got a great deal for you! How about The Savvy Socialista’s Cyber…

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Why Your About Page Needs More Attention

November 24th, 2014
about page

A very important piece of real estate is being overlooked on your blog. Your about page is the place new visitors flock to every day to see if what you have to say is worth their time. Other than your homepage, which is usually the first place most first-time visitors drop by, your about page is the most important, and often the most viewed page on your website. Check out…

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4 Ways To Get Your Tweets Noticed

November 20th, 2014

Twitter is a rapidly growing network and it can feel you’re sending out tweets and nobody is listening. About 500 million tweets are sent every day. That’s roughly 5,800 tweets posted each second. Competing with that is a challenge. That’s why you have to customize your message for maximum attention. How To Improve Your Tweets and Get Noticed 1. Personalize Retweets  Sharing an article you find useful or interesting is…

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Write Attention Grabbing Copy to Convert Customers

November 17th, 2014
attention grabbing copy

Words sell. People are flooded with words and phrases daily , but how do you write attention grabbing copy to convert customers into buyers? It’s important to think carefully about the words you choose. The difference between “joining” and “signing up” is the difference between fellowship and enlisting. A word changes the meaning, the mood, and the motivation. A quick Google search can reveal pages of results for persuasive and powerful…

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4 Popular Facebook Posts You Should Be Doing

November 13th, 2014
facebook posts

Many business small business owners feel overwhelmed when they try to decide the best Facebook posts for their brand. Obviously, you should post information about your products on your Facebook page, but with more 30 million Facebook pages of businesses. It’s not easy stand out. To stand out among the masses – you need to post a variety of content. Facebook Posts To Help You Stand Out 1. The Selfie You’ve likely…

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Using Mobile In Your Online Marketing Strategy

November 10th, 2014
online marketing

Mobile devices have the capability to drive phenomenal growth in most businesses. Marketing analysts have projected mobile marketing to become one of the fastest growing features of online marketing, second only to social media. Due to the proliferation of online interactivity, marketers can target people at any given moment and time. Many new apps have been rolled out in collaboration with the social networking giants, to target every segment of…

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WooCommerce Ecommerce Plugin Risks

ecommerce plugin

Three years ago, WordPress introduced the WooCommerce, an ecommerce plugin, that has gained immense popularity in just a couple of years. In 3 years, it already has 2.3 million downloads. WooCommerce could be a great choice for your ecommerce website, but you should know the risks before you install it. WooCommerce Risks 1. Not every WordPress platform is compatible. WooCommerce is built by WooThemes. Even though the code is open…

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Facebook Settings You Need To Change Now

November 3rd, 2014
facebook settings

Recently, Facebook added several features. Some are interesting, but most are either annoying or hurt your privacy. These Facebook settings are entirely optional, but Facebook turns them on by default. The point of course is that Facebook makes its money selling your data to advertisers. The more it knows and the more advertiser-friendly tools it has, the more it makes. Considering Facebook is free to use, that seems like a fair…

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Understanding WordPress User Roles

Wordpress User Roles - The Savvy Socialsita

WordPress offers a multitude of wonderful tools, but one notwithstanding is the ability to create WordPress user roles. That means the website owner has the ability to create new users who can share responsibilities for creating or editing blog posts, updating product and service pages and adding new pictures without giving full access to the core site functions. As you create new users, it’s important to understand how much access and control each…

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How To Use The New Pinterest Analytics Tool

Pinterest Analytics Tool - The Savvy Socialista

The Pinterest Analytics Tool got a facelift! The more detailed insights gives you access to a variety of data, including how potential customers interact with your pins beyond your website. The original Pinterest Analytics tool has been around since March 2013. It analyzed image performance on your Pinterest account by measuring: clicks reach repins visits who is repinning your content This is invaluable data about Pinterest all on its own. The problem…

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Best SEO Tricks for Website Optimization

SEO Tricks

If you want your website ranked in search engines, you have to optimize your site properly. If you are looking for quick results, but these are the important SEO tricks you need to know to help you in the long run. The main idea of search engine optimization is relatively simple: Provide valuable information to the visitors and keep them happy. If you know the following SEO tricks to keep your visitors,…

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Don’t Fall for These SEO Mistakes

SEO mistakes

Most small business owners understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), but too often companies are making important SEO mistakes that could be costing them thousands of dollars and their ranking. Businesses often try to offer small business owners the world when it comes to SEO rankings, but the truth is there is no way to guarantee your search rank and especially not in such a short time frame.  Getting…

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How To Avoid A Web Design Nightmare

web design nightmare

In an ideal world, the vision you hold for your website would directly jump into a designer’s mind. Unfortunately, too many times what starts out as a wonderful, hopeful project turns into a web design nightmare. How does the nightmare usually begin? It starts with many rescheduled phone calls. Then it’s on to a series of unsatisfactory revisions and changes of heart. It’s making lots of progress one day, then…

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When To Use A Magento eCommerce Website

magento ecommerce website

In the world of eCommerce, dozens of tools are available to use in custom web design and development. We recently moved our client, Initial Proper, from a WordPress eCommerce site to a Magento eCommerce website. While a WordPress eCommerce site might make sense for smaller businesses, but this growing Florida monogram and embroidery business was growing. If you’re going to sell more than one hundred items on your website, a Magento…

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Why You Should Consider A Multilingual Website

multilingual website

As you expand your business, it may make sense to consider updating your current site to a multilingual website. If you’re growing your business internationally, it’s the easiest way to connect with those customers. The online world offers unlimited avenues that businesses can tap to rake in profits. The world’s fastest growing marketplace is on the internet. For any business that wants to gain a competitive edge over its rivals,…

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How To Reduce Your Site Bounce Rate

bounce rate

Online marketers know how important it is to keep you on their site. The reasons behind your site’s bounce rate range from showcasing too much or too little information to not having a mobile-friendly site. Google Analytics defines “bounce rate” as the percentage of single page sessions on your website. The biggest obstacle you have to overcome is knowing your audience’s expectations are high. They expect to find what they need…

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Website Audit Checklist

website audit

Whether you have just launched your website or have been enjoying the results of your site for a year or more, you should be conducting a periodic website audit to guide both ongoing improvements and to build a foundation for a redesign when the time comes. Hopefully, you’re checking your regular site traffic at a minimum. We recommend clients conduct a more detailed review at least once a quarter to…

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Checklist for Building and Marketing Your Mobile App

September 29th, 2014
mobile app

A popular misconception about developing a popular mobile app is it includes a certain amount of luck. The truth is, it’s actually a very formulaic process. While it’s difficult to predict the next commercial success, certain methods ensure developers see some return on investment for their creative pursuits. The 10-Step Checklist to Build & Market a Successful App details the necessary course of action – step-by-step from app concept to launch…

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WordPress Design Tips To Boost Your Blog

wordpress design

WordPress is a fantastic content management system to construct an SEO-friendly website. However, there are a few WordPress design tips to make your blog posts more eye-catching. Create Columns Columns help you lay out your text and images for optimized readability. They’re especially handy for getting pictures to show up exactly where you expect them. Often the image alignment setting in the WordPress design produces a text wrapping effect that…

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How To Know When It’s Time To Rebrand

September 22nd, 2014

Now more than ever, there’s pressure to quickly adapt to changes in your industry, product and audience. So, how do keep your brand remains relevant? And, how do you know if it’s time to rebrand? Most brands have gone through a rebrand at some point. Check out our how our brand has evolved: Recently, we also did a rebrand for Invite Cottage. Take a look at the before and after! Knowing…

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Text Messaging Best Practices For Your Business

text message

Recently, we’ve seen the demand for text messaging services gradually increase. The email inbox is clogged so marketers are looking to text messaging to provide a push message that’s timely with their offer. Text messages are short, quick, and very personal. Consumers who invite marketers into the walled garden of SMS (short message service; a.k.a text messaging) do so much more selectively than any other channel. As a result, senders who…

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Website Changes That Will Drive Sales


A savvy website is a must-have in today’s Internet-driven economy. Unfortunately, while most companies have a website, few use them to their full potential to drive sales and revenue. So if you aren’t maximizing the return on investment of your site, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. A few relatively simple updates can make your website have a huge impact on customer attraction and retention, sales, revenue and long-term brand loyalty. These…

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How To Build A Social Media Following

social media following

By now most brands have established social media is beneficial to their bottom line. Social media is low cost, easy to implement and nearly everyone uses it. However, these advantages have pitfalls and developing a social media following can be challenging. It’s important to follow certain guidelines if you want to set yourself apart and attract an audience that will truly help you build your brand. 1. Narrow Your Focus. With…

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How To Find Most Recent Activity On Facebook App

most recent

Facebook is constantly updating its interface, but the latest update is pretty dramatic for most users who want to look at their most recent activity first. The Facebook 10.0 software update for it’s app has removed the most recent activity option from the top of the newsfeed. This has led to a burst of confusion and frustration for users. The newly-redesigned Facebook app now only shows the “top stories” view for your news feed,…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting a Twitter Chat

August 19th, 2014
twitter chat

Twitter chats have become incredibly popular. A Twitter chat is a discussion within Twitter where the tweets share an identifying hashtag and meet regularly on a set day and time. Any group can host or participate in a Twitter chat. Teachers, gamers, doctors, bloggers and moms are all forming their own Q&As on a weekly basis. Businesses and brands use these chats to promote brand awareness, create community and humanize your brand, establish presence…

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Managing Twitter Mobile Notifications

August 14th, 2014
twitter mobile notifications

You might have noticed you’re getting more Twitter mobile notifications on your phone or tablet. The amount of information you’re receiving in a push alert is more than just notifications about mentions or retweets— users are starting to see follower suggestions, ongoing conversations and news alerts. These notification types are the extension of features Twitter first rolled out last fall. However, in recent weeks, users are starting to see all kinds of alerts. Some of these…

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Important Email Marketing Stats

email marketing stats

Pouring over all of the email marketing stats out there can be exhausting, overwhelming and, likely, unnecessary. An Asian Digital Marketing Company  recently released the following infographic revealing the 10 most important email marketing stats. Here are a few that stood out to us. Email Advertising Revenue is quite low and – it would appear –  far underutilized. It might be a good idea for you to check out which ads…

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Landing Page Best Practices

landing page

Companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from just 10 to 15, according to Hubspot’s 2012 Marketing Benchmarks Report. The landing page is often the first thing customers see when they interact with your brand online. Whether it is a web page or Facebook app, landing pages exist to deliver relevant messaging that converts visitor traffic. Landing pages are a fundamental part of a successful…

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A New Design for Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages

Coming soon you’ll see a a new design for Facebook Pages. It will make things such as key performance indicators more easily visible for managers, and location info easier to find for fans. You might not have the new Facebook Page design yet, but you will by June 13. What’s changing? The right-side column of the timeline will show all the Facebook Page’s posts. All posts will appear consistently, in one line,…

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Pippit: Stay Updated On Your Favorite Blogs


The newest social media network running rampant amongst bloggers is called Pippit. Many say it’s what Instagram and Pinterest would look like if they had a baby. Pippit allows you to create and share “pips” from your blog posts, photos, and videos within a single mobile app. You can see blog posts, photos, and videos from your favorite bloggers, friends, and brands all in one place. With Pippit, you can: 1….

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Grammar Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Content

grammar mistakes

Grammar mistakes in your content make your brand look sloppy. You’ll appear unprofessional and, over time, can damage your reputation. Fortunately, grammar mistakes are easy to fix! Many of us will likely remember these grammar rules, but it’s always nice to have a refresher course! Here are a few of the most common grammar mistakes and how to fix them. 1. It’s vs. its —  “It’s” is a contraction. It’s means “it…

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Your Guide To Social Media Monitoring

social media monitoring

Social media monitoring has become a primary form of business intelligence, used to identify, predict, and respond to consumer behavior. Listening to what your customers, competitors, critics, and supporters are saying about you is key to getting great results from your social media campaigns. The trick is: How do you find all of the information online that’s relevant to you and your interests and bring it back in such a way that…

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Why Mobile Marketing Is Crucial For Your Business

mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is the future. It has proven it is not a passing fad. Visitors expect everything to be mobile optimized and are quick to leave sites that are difficult to use from their phone or tablet. Here are a few interesting statistics to give you an idea of exactly how crucial mobile marketing is for your business. 75% of Americans admit to brining their smartphone to the bathroom 40% of…

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Understanding Ads on Instagram

ads on instagram

Earlier this year, you likely noticed ads on Instagram. They look like normal posts but say “Sponsored” where the time stamp would be. Simply tap the label to learn more about how advertising works on Instagram.  However, using ads on Instagram , is different than the other social media sites. New research by Omnicorn shows, less is more on Instagram. According to that research, ads on Instagram were most effective when users were…

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Pinterest Boards Users Love To Follow


Many brands struggle after they set up their Pinterest Boards with trying to figure out what boards to create. People will follow you if they share similar interests.     This is why you benefit by creating boards that are aligned to the most popular categories on Pinterest. Here is a lists of the 10 Most Popular Pinterest Boards:   Food & Drink DIY & Crafts Home Decor Women’s Fashion Inspirational…

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Stylish iPad Cases

ipad cases

Children of the ’80s: the Trapper Keeper is returning to back-to-school shelves – but this time it’s designed for iPad cases! The Trapper Keeper, the beloved organizational tool that was all but ubiquitous in classrooms in the 1980s and 1990s, kept two generations of school kids organized. Not only was the Trapper Keeper a great way to keep your papers from falling out of folders and classwork organized, it was…

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Twitter’s ‘Buy Now’ Button

buy now button

It looks like Twitter is soon going to be getting into ecommerce after it’s “buy now” button was seen in user timelines. In late June, a “buy now” button appeared alongside tweets containing links to products sold through Fancy, an online shopping site, Recode reported; an unnamed source said that tapping on the button led users to a checkout page. The feature is no longer working. This isn’t the first time a “buy…

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Best Brands on Instagram: What You Can Learn

brands on instagram account for yourbusiness

Many retail brands on Instagram are learning something powerful about the social media network: visual commerce converts to sales. Nitrogram 50 ranks the top brands on Instagram. We identified three powerful brands on the list and will show you what they are doing well and what you can learn from their successes. 1. Nike The most popular brand on Instagram, according to Nitrogram 50, is Nike. It surpasses the second most…

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How To Spend Only 10 Minutes A Day on Twitter

10 minutes a day on twitter

A common concern from businesses new to social media is the time commitment involved. Social media doesn’t have to take up your whole day. In fact, we can show you how to spend only 10 minutes a day on Twitter. Your plan of attack consists of two weapons: Hootsuite and Twitter Lists. 1. Set Up Your Hootsuite account. Hootsuite is a free social media dashboard. Once you’ve linked your Twitter to Hootsuite,…

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What To Do When Facebook Is Down

facebook is down

Recently, Facebook was down for about a half hour across the world and the internet screamed. For many digital marketers, when Facebook is down, it can be maddening and feel like your marketing efforts are stunted. During the time Facebook was down, users who tried to access Facebook in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel and India received the following message: “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting…

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Use the Rule of Thirds for Your Social Media Presence

social media presence

The most effective social media presence is full of varied content. Some content marketers will offer suggestions about the type of content you should share based on percentages (i.e. 20% of your content should be educational). Another way to look at how you diversify your content is to borrow a photography principle: the rule of thirds.In photography, the rule of thirds refers to the division of an image into nine equal…

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Trouble with Facebook Page Visibility?

facebook page visibility

When it comes to your business’s Facebook Page visibility, it can feel like you’re talking and no one is listening. It’s not that you aren’t posting quality information, it’s that Facebook keeps changing their algorithms making it more difficult to reach your fans. Recently, we’ve seen many brand pages trying to increase their Facebook Page visibility with pleas to like or comment on posts to help garner more traffic on their…

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Find Your Social Media Voice

social media voice

Among some of the best ways to stand out in social media (quality engaging content, amazing visuals) is your brand voice. You want people to have authentic conversations with your brand – and in order to do so you need to find your social media voice. Finding your brand voice can be difficult since it’s not something you can monitor with analytics and tweak accordingly. The reason a strong social…

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Signature Scent Branding Is In The Air

scent branding

Long before the days of social media and digital marketing, retailers had to think outside the box to push their brand to the next level. For many, that meant using scent branding. Coco Chanel is said to have used this method back in 1921 when she was trying to launch her first perfume, Chanel No.5. The story is that Coco Chanel asked her employees to spray the fragrance all over…

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Develop a Scalable Marketing Strategy

scalable marketing strategy

Launching your company is an exciting and scary time. You have so many ideas and a vision for where you want your business to go. However, if you haven’t developed a scalable marketing strategy to grow and adjust with your ever-changing company, you’ll face some obstacles sustaining long-term growth. You won’t be able to create a perfect marketing plan to fit your needs from the beginning. What you need to…

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The Inbox Battlefield

Inbox Battlefield - The Savvy Socialista

Every time your company sends out an email, you enter into a war of the inbox battlefield. On average, subscribers receive 416 commercial email messages per month. That’s a lot of competition for your business. Daily deals, social networks, dating and retail emails are filling up inboxes the most. However, more people read emails related to their finances and travel than any other category. It’s important to note that subscribers aren’t simply subscribing to…

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Use Browser Extensions to Improve Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Cue the sound of angels anytime you hear there is an easier way to improve your social media marketing. Browser extensions are web based and easy to find no matter how many windows you have open. Here are a few social media marketing tools to give your browser some new tricks! 1. Instagram If you are using the Instagam app on your device to manage your brand and for personal…

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Content Marketing Assets You Need

content marketing assets

It’s no secret, content creation is a significant investment of your time, energy and resources. One of the important aspects of setting your content marketing campaign up for success is choosing the best format for your content. Choosing a content marketing asset format requires considerable research to discover what type of content your audience prefers. For example, an infographic may go a long way when targeting millennials whereas an e-book…

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These Images Boost Social Media Engagement

social media engagement

Social media is a visual medium. If you’re looking to boost your social media engagement, you need to draw people in with visual content. We connect emotionally to images more than video, audio or text. People make decisions and take action quicker when prompted by images. The most important piece of using images to boost your social media engagement is to evoke an emotion. Emotion equals sales! Both Facebook and Twitter redesigned their…

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How Blog Design Affects Readership

blog design

You only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention and keep them on your website. If you want your visitors to stay longer and read your content, your blog design needs to leave a great first impression. Your site needs to look elegant, be easy to navigate, and show off useful and informative content. If your user experience strategy is effective enough, you may even get your visitors to sign up for…

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How To Schedule Facebook Posts

Facebook Contest The Savvy Socialista

We’re all crunched for time and Facebook is making it more difficult for Facebook pages to gain organic reach through posts. You can make your life a little easier! Did you know you can schedule Facebook posts? You no longer need a third-party app like Hootsuite to help you with this! The chart below outlines the new roles of manager, content creator, moderator, advertiser and insights analyst. The ability to schedule…

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Spring Cleaning Your Digital Marketing Presence

digital marketing presence

Spring is finally here (even though it doesn’t really feel like it yet) and it’s time to do a little spring cleaning with your digital marketing presence! Now is a great time to clean up your online profiles, check over your website, and update your social media accounts. Although it may feel like much has changed with your business in the last year, more may have changed than you realize….

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How To Optimize Twitter’s New Layout


Brands will soon have a chance to give themselves a social media facelift with Twitter’s new layout.  The platform is rolling out a popular way for brands to reach out and engage their audiences. Twitter will offer followers customer service, exclusive content and deals. Twitter’s new layout gives brands an opportunity to reach their audiences with a multimedia experience beyond 140 characters; it also gives Twitter an opening to engage…

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Best SEO Practices For Your Magento eCommerce Site

magento e-commerce

To gain the most attention from new customers online, you have to optimize your website for Google. A Magento eCommerce is one of the most search-engine friendly platforms, but it’s important to stay on top of three important SEO tenants: visibility, relevance and popularity. 1. Visibility Visibility is all about basic mechanics. You need to get your site seen and indexed. Essentially this means making sure your Magento eCommerce site is…

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Protect Your Yourself From Content Theft

content theft

It may be your biggest professional fear (aside from your business going under!) – spending all of your time and energy on a great product only to become the victim of content theft. Unfortunately, the more popular your content and the greater its visibility, the more likely it is to be stolen. However, it doesn’t mean you safeguard yourself. Not only is content theft damaging to your branding and SEO efforts,…

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Facebook Redesign: What You Need To Know

Facebook Contest The Savvy Socialista

A Facebook redesign is coming to your news feed. The appearance will change for both Page visitors and Page admins to what the company is calling a more “streamlined” look. The Facebook redesign is moving the news feed to a single column instead of the two-column display that’s been around for a while. This will create a cleaner page experience with less clutter, but also less content appearing on screen at one time. The redesign…

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WordPress SEO Tips

wordpress SEO

WordPress is a popular and versatile content management system, and when properly structured, is great for search engine optimization. If you are looking to gain more organic traffic, these WordPress SEO tips can help your search engine ranking. 1. Permalinks The permalink structure is an element in that displays the page keywords. For example, your website permalink should look like this: instead of: To modify your permalinks, open up your…

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Characteristics of a User Friendly Website

user friendly website

Too often many small businesses don’t see the importance of a user friendly website,  they simply focus on having a piece of cyber-space. The importance of a user friendly website should not be underestimated. There are several ways to improve website usability and create an enjoyable experience for its visitors. Here are a few characteristics of a user friendly website: Accessibility to All Users A user friendly website should be accessible to every single person….

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Social Video Success for Your Brand

social video success

Time is critical when it comes to engaging customers with your brand. Vine and Instagram are two social media video sites giving brands a chance for social video success by effectively grabbing your attention quickly (six and 15 seconds respectively). This may not seem like a lot of time, but think about how much time your customers may spend scrolling through Facebook or Twitter feeds. Video content keeps people focused…

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The Impact of Facebook’s New App: Paper

facebook's new app

You’ve heard the adage “content is king” and Facebook’s new app, Paper, makes it even more prevalent. The new app, launched a day before the social media giant’s tenth birthday, delivers human and algorithm-curated full-screen articles and photos in categories you select. The sections of Facebook’s new app include “Score” (sports), “Headlines” (world news), “Cute” (BuzzFeed-style adorable animals), “Planet” (sustainability and earth porn), “Enterprise” (business), “Exposure” (photography), “Flavor” (food), and…

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How To Increase Traffic To Your WordPress Blog

wordpress blog

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website. It gives people a reason to keep coming back to your site especially if you aren’t selling many (or any) products. Are you satisfied with the traffic to your WordPress blog? There are many reasons why you’d would want to increase the traffic to your blog. It could be for monetary reasons, to gain more public exposure or to show…

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Create A Social Media Event Strategy

social media event strategy

If your company is hosting an event—be it a networking gathering, open house, fundraiser, or class—and if you want to generate buzz you’ll need to create a social media event strategy. A well-thought out, properly executed strategy can help you connect and engage your current fan base and bring in others! The social media event strategy can help you plan, promote and build excitement for the event you’re hosting! The…

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Branding Your Business On Pinterest


If your social media strategy includes Pinterest, you want to make sure you are branding your business to achieve your marketing goals. Many successful businesses are using Pinterest to drive traffic and increase sales. It’s important to be consistent when branding your business – both online and off. That means using the same logo or profile photo, focusing on the same topics, and maintaining the same professional quality. Yes, you can be…

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

February 25th, 2014
digital marketing

As digital marketing continues to evolve, so should your company’s strategy for the up-coming year. Several notable events took place last year that will impact digital marketing in 2014: Twitter’s IPO announcement, Google and Facebook’s algorithm updates. In 2013, we saw organizations embracing different tactics for digital marketing in a big way. Here are a couple of the biggest trends we expect to see in 2014. 1. Real Time Marketing This term has been thrown around…

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Last Minute Valentine’s Facebook Contest Ideas

valentine's facebook contest

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. If you’ve been meaning to come up with a Valentine’s Facebook Contest to boost fan engagement, we’ve come up with a couple of cute ideas for you! In the U.S. alone, people spend $18.6 billion on Valentine’s Day. Candy is the most gifted item. Moreover, almost 4 out of 10 people use their smartphone to purchase Valentine’s gifts. So, are you ready to…

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How You Can Use The New Twitter Custom Timelines

February 3rd, 2014

Recently Twitter introduced custom timelines to help you organize your tweets within TweetDeck. So you can now come up with some creative groupings for your tweets! First we’ll show you how the custom timeline works and then give you some tips on how to incorporate it into your social media marketing. You can create a new custom timeline by adding a new column of type custom timeline. To add a…

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Use Facebook Insights To Grow Your Presence

January 29th, 2014
Facebook Insights The Savvy Socialista

Once you have built your Facebook page and started posting, you need to know how to optimize your page. That’s where Facebook Insights come in. Facebook Insights are available on the admin panel of your Facebook page. You may have looked at this information in the past and felt overwhelmed. Facebook does provide a lot of information and it can be daunting. Facebook Insights monitor activity on your Facebook Page….

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The Total Branding Package Is More Than A Logo

Branding is more than a Logo

We are big believers in identifying and creating your total branding package. When you first decide to work with us, we’ll ask you to fill out a creative brief. It helps us gain a better understanding of your business goals and how we will design a branding package to enhance your business. Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them who you are and what…

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Enhance Your Email Marketing

January 23rd, 2014
Email Marketing The Savvy Socialista

Crafting an effective email marketing campaign can seem old-fashioned when more flashy venues like social media and mobile marketing appear to grab all the attention. Email marketing still remains one of the most reliable marketing strategies! Some have gone so far as to call email dead, but that’s simply not true! Email is the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales. It’s also cost-effective. With an ROI of…

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Free Shipping Can Help Grow Your Ecommerce Site

ecommerce site

When it comes to online shopping, free shipping is king. While many ecommerce sites may be hesitant to offer such a deal, people need an incentive to buy. A quality product doesn’t guarantee selling success. Free shipping won’t be the saving grace of your ecommerce site.  Your site also needs to have a great design, your products need to have a a competitive market cost, and great customer service is vital to…

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Content Ideas for Your Blog


Are you running out of ideas for creating rich, valuable content for your blog? If so, you’re not alone. For any blogger, the biggest challenge is to continually come up with fresh, engaging content that will keep bringing readers right back to your website. The main idea behind your blog should not be to ‘sell’ but rather to educate readers and help solve their problems. Do that and readers will keep…

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Using Hashtags For Your Business


Assuming you already have a Twitter account dedicated to your business, you should also be investing in hashtags as part of your social media strategy. A hashtag is simply a word or phrase with the number sign (#) in front of it. For example, #apple, #thesavvysocialista, #marketing. Primarily, the main purpose of using a hashtag is to make sure a conversation around a specific topic can easily be tracked. Twitter users can easily use this marketing…

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Google Plus Hangouts: Why You Should Use It

google plus hangouts

Savvy content marketers are turning to Google Plus Hangouts to engage their customers and boost their SEO rankings. Google Plus Hangouts is a free video chat service from Google that enables both one-on-one chats and group chats. While somewhat similar to Skype, FaceTime and Facebook Video Chat. Google Plus Hangouts focuses more on “face-to-face-to-face” group interaction as opposed to one-on-one video chats, and utilizes sophisticated technology to seamlessly switch the focus to the person currently chatting. This is a…

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Web Metrics That Matter Most

web metrics The Savvy Socialista

Measuring your web metrics is a crucial part of content marketing. If you’re not measuring how your content performs, then you will never know if you are generating content that your audience wants to see. Very few platforms make checking your  web metrics as easy as looking at your Facebook Insights, but in reality, there are just a few metrics that can help unlock the answer to “Is my audience into…

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How To Revitalize Your Brand

revitalize your brand

It can happen to even the best brands. After a while your brand loses it’s luster. Keeping your brand fresh helps keep your business relevant. So what do you do when your brand goes stale? How do you know when you need to revitalize your brand? A few reasons your brand could be losing it’s vitality: 1. Technology obsolescence. New technologies leapfrog old ones. Unfortunately, it’s common for a technology leader in one decade…

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Mistakes With Your Social Media Marketing

social media marketing The Savvy Socialista

Social media marketing is one of the most popular and most effective ways to connect with your customers and get the word out about your brand. Many businesses hope it will provide a quick fix for their marketing efforts. The truth is – it takes time and persistence. Your business needs to add value and share content that engages and inspires and maybe even entertains your customers. Despite how many…

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Are You Succeeding With Social Media?

succeeding with social media

Too often people think social media marketing will change their business overnight. They are waiting for the magic trick that will launch their brand. They think they aren’t succeeding with social media. They also think social media isn’t measurable. All of the above statements are inaccurate. Social media is another extension of your communications and marketing strategy. You would measure your success of an ad campaign or PR push, the…

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The Savvy Socialista Cyber Monday Giveaway

The Savvy Socialista Cyber Monday Giveaway

This giveaway has ended.  Thank you to all who participated. The winner is Kaylene S.   It’s that time of year again!  After Black Friday is over and everyone has shopped Small Biz Saturday it is Cyber Monday!  People sit at their desks and peruse website after website looking for great deals to snatch up.  Well, have I got a great deal for you!  How about The Savvy Socialista Cyber…

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Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for Cyber Monday?

November 26th, 2013
Ecommerce - The Savvy Socialista

Cyber Monday is less than a week away. December 2, your eCommerce site will likely be overrun with traffic  – mostly people looking for a good deal online! For any eCommerce business, Cyber Monday is an opportunity you can’t afford to botch. In 2012, this massive online shopping day emerged as the heaviest online spending day on record, drawing $1.46 billion. We know you want a piece of that action! Check out our…

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Use Social Media To Your Advantage on Black Friday

black friday

Social media is a savvy shopper’s best friend – especially on Black Friday. Social media saves shoppers time and money. If you use social media to your advantage, you can put yourself squarely in front of a whole new pool of customers! Everyone is looking for a deal on Black Friday. Big businesses are putting major power behind their campaigns. Even if you can’t cut your prices like the corporate chains, you…

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Make Your eCommerce Website Social

eCommerce Website- The Savvy Socialista

In order to differentiate your online store, you need an edge. Your competition is just a click away, so your eCommerce website needs a unique reason to get people to shop with you and nowhere else. Social media channels are a great way to drive traffic to your website and convert new customers. But what about people who come directly to your website? How can you engage them and show…

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How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

facebook page- The Savvy Socialista

By now you’ve probably heard Facebook is the top social media network. Many businesses are using Facebook Business Pages as part of their online marketing techniques. A Facebook Business Page is simple way to share information about your business. It also you to communicate with present and prospective customers. If you are finally ready to to jump on the bandwagon, but don’t know where to start, we can help you…

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Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Increase Twitter Engagement The Savvy Socialista

Do you find yourself tweeting and feel like no one is listening? Don’t worry! You’re not alone! Because Twitter is a constant stream of tweets, it can feel like you’re getting lost in the shuffle. Twitter is a great way to engage with your customers because of its real-time updating. Here are a few ways to increase your Twitter engagement to quickly build relationships with customers and other people or businesses…

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WordPress eCommerce Website for Baby Moo

Wordpress eCommerce Website The Savvy Socialista

We’re parents here at The Savvy Socialista, so when Baby Moo, a company designed to help busy parents, reached out and needed a new WordPress eCommerce website and brand for their business, we were ecstatic to help out!  The concept is terrific, but the story behind the concept is awesome and as soon as we heard this Mother Inventor’s story, we couldn’t wait to provide here with a fantastic WordPress eCommerce…

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Shoppers Use Social Media For Holiday Shopping

Social Media for Holiday Shopping The Savvy Socialista

It’s only the beginning of November, but everyone is starting to talk about Christmas! We know, we know … don’t remind us right? As it turns out, 65% of people use social media for holiday shopping! Crowdtap created an infographic to showcase the social side of holiday shopping, specifically. Among the numbers, 92% of consumers trusted social media over all other forms of advertising, and two out of three shoppers purchased…

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A Non-Techie Can Survive In A Tech World

tech world

Staying up to date on technology can be a tricky task. It seems it is always changing and just when you think you’ve mastered something, it’s obsolete. You don’t have to be a technology expert (or even have a moderate amount of knowledge) to survive in this tech world. Here are some tips to help you survive and thrive if you’re a non-techie: 1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions….

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Elements Of A Highly Effective Website

Highly Effective Website-The Savvy Socialista

One of the most important and critical pieces of your online presence is your website. It needs to be visually appealing and informative. Too often businesses focus on one of those characteristics and not the other. Here are a few elements of a highly effective website. 1. It Conveys A Message Your website must convey a meaning or message about what your product/service or information is all about. This is…

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Get More Engagement Out of Photos On Facebook

Facebook Photos The Savvy Socialista

A fantastic way to capitalize on your Facebook Page posts is to use photos. People are visual and are more apt to pay attention to your updates if it catches their eye.  I got a lot of engagement out of this one!   But, what if you’re posting photos on Facebook and still not capturing the engagement you desire? The problem is likely rooted in a lack of strategy. Posting…

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Pinterest Pushes New Article Pins

sharing articles The Savvy Socialista

Pinterest has been working hard to enhance your pinning experience recently. Last week they unveiled promoted pins. The latest new detail allows you to find, save, and share article pins more easily! More than 5 million articles are pinned everyday. Article pins have already included a link out to their source, but Pinterest users have often stayed within the site, rather than clicking through to stories that pique their interest. This new…

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Magento Core Features

magento core features

The Savvy Socialista specializes in building great eCommerce sites for your business. We frequently recommend our clients use the Magento content management system. Here is a look at the some of the Magento core features you can use to enhance your online store. SITE MANAGEMENT Control multiple websites and stores from one Administration Panel with ability to share as much or as little information as needed Multi-Lingual Support for localization Support for multiple…

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Building Relationships With Social Media


Social media is about relationships as much as tactics and techniques. Remembering to add a strong human element to your brand will help customers trust your credibility and perspective. Nothing can replace making face-to-face connections with your customers. That is still the very best way to build a strong relationship. What social media will do is help you deepen those relationships and help you retain top of mind awareness for your…

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Simple Ways To Increase Facebook Engagement

facebook engagement

Facebook can be a difficult beast to tame. Constant changes in how they rank your posts and filter what the social media giant believes is important for your customers to see can make you feel like your efforts are in vain. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of simple ways to increase your Facebook engagement. 1. Grab Their Attention With Photos We’ve all heard the old adage “a picture is…

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Nordstrom Taught Us About Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement The Savvy Socialista

Nordstrom is one of the biggest department store chains in the United States. (And not to mention a Savvy Socialista Fav!) This Fortune 500 company is best known for their customer service. They listen to their customers and provide solutions to their problems. It’s that level of customer service that sets them apart. Part of that service is their level of customer engagement. Nordstrom doesn’t just offer more service – they offer…

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Creative Ways To Use Instagram For Business

brands on instagram account for yourbusiness

Instagram now has 150 million monthly active users. Its quick growth reflects of an increasing use of smartphone over regular feature phones. As the Instagram community continues to grow, it’s becoming more global too – now more than 60% of the users are outside the United States. How are you going to attract those consumers? We’ve developed some creative ways to use Instagram for business. #1 – Show Your Products Let…

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Craft Compelling Copy

Compelling Copy The Savvy Socialista

Copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective marketing. The art and science of crafting compelling copy involves strategically delivering words to get people to take action. You don’t want to spend money on a beautiful website, only for it to read like a third-rate student essay, replete with bad grammar and awful spelling. It’s a waste and, at its worst, an insult to the intelligence of any prospective client….

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How Pinterest Drives Online Sales

Pinterest Drives Online Sales The Savvy Socialista

Pinterest is now the third most popular social media networking site. With more than 70 million active users and climbing, it’s a social network you can’t afford to ignore. According to social login provider Gigya’s latest numbers, Pinterest drives online sales by grabbing 41% of eCommerce traffic. Compare that to Facebook at 37%. Since Pinterest is centered around the social discovery of objects (as opposed to friends and family), it makes sense…

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Executing Your Social Media Strategy

Executing Your Social Media Strategy The Savvy Socialista

It’s easy to plan a perfect social media strategy on paper, but executing your social media strategy can be a different story. It can feel like an overwhelming process if you don’t have the processes in order. Luckily, plenty of tools exist to help you along the way. Before you launch your strategy, check out these four tips to get you started. 1. Use social media management tools Several quality…

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The Importance of Branding


Company branding is the most efficient way to show potential customers what your business is about. It is reflected visually through the logo and company design elements as well as through verbiage in marketing materials, slogans and copy. The importance of branding your company can be the key to your success. Your brand is your company’s face to the world. It is rooted in other people’s perceptions so it’s important to…

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What You Need to Know About the New Facebook Contest Rules

Facebook Contest Rules The Savvy Socialista

Facebook changed their promotion guidelines. Now you no longer have to use an app to run a contest. You can now run a promotion straight through your business Facebook Page timeline! It used to be really scary running a Facebook contest. With so many rules and restrictions, many business owners feared a possible lock out from the popular social network. But no longer! While this new information is wonderful news…

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Magento vs WordPress for eCommerce

Magento vs Wordpress by the Savvy Socialista

A key decision when developing an eCommerce website is which content management platform is best for your online store. As specialists in both Magento and WordPress, we at the Savvy Socialista, can help you make the best decision for your company when deciding between Magento vs WordPress for eCommerce. Each platform has its strengths. On the surface, the two platforms may seem similar. They both are highly customizable, SEO friendly, can be extensively themed, and feature…

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If Girly is your Look than Boutique Web Design is a Must

Pea Pod Paper and Gifts Logo

If you have a business and your target audience is decidedly female and girly, then you need a logo and website that reflects that look and feel. Read on to see why The Savvy Socialista is your best bet for boutique web design. Boutique web design focuses on design that gets the attention of buyers who identify with all things fashionable, feminine, stylish and pretty. It is a logo design…

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Why Add Social Media Buttons to your Website

The Savvy Socialista Social Media

Businesses need social media buttons on their websites to boost their social media presence on the internet. Read on to find out why they are needed more than ever. If you are a small business owner who just recently got your website up and running, good for you! But if you haven’t added social media buttons to it yet, something is definitely missing. Here are some of the reasons why you…

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Choosing WordPress for your Web Design Blog

Life Over Ice Website

If you want to start a web design blog or add a blog feature to your website, the WordPress program is a popular choice for its ease of use and other features. We found an informative blog post on WordPress from and here are some of the benefits they point out to using WordPress for a web design blog over let’s say another program like Blogger. WordPress is very user-friendly….

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Logo gallery history of some top brands

Photo from

Great logo designs help build great companies so check out our logo gallery below of four famous logos and the history of how they came to be. If you are in the market for creating a brand new logo or refreshing an existing one, we have a little inspiration for you from a logo gallery below of four of today’s top brands. Check out the following stories behind these popular logos as…

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Why WordPress for Web Design eCommerce

Mommy and Company Website

The WordPress platform continues to be a popular choice for web design eCommerce. Read on to find out why many people choose WordPress for their website platform.   We at The Savvy Socialista are big fans of the WordPress platform for blogging and simple eCommerce sites. We have built several websites in WordPress and our clients couldn’t be happier!  Even our site is WordPress! Two reasons why people choose WordPress for…

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Magento eCommerce Website Offers Shopping Power

Magento eCommerce Website The Savvy Socialista

If you are in need of virtual store, read on for reasons why a Magento eCommerce Website offers shopping power. Regardless of what you are selling, if you anticipate a decent volume of sales and over 100 items, a Magento eCommerce Website is for you.  You will have maximum functionality of your website and it is simple for customers to make a purchase. We, at The Savvy Socialista, are big fans of Magento…

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Selecting a Color Scheme when you Start a New Website

start a new website The Savvy Socialista

There are some things to consider when deciding on a color scheme as you start a new website. Find the best colors to meet your branding needs. Often times we have clients who simply struggle with choosing a color scheme or palette when they start a new website. There are some simple strategies you can use to decide on a color scheme for your website development project. We have identified…

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Creating an Effective Facebook Cover Image

Facebook Cover Image The Savvy Socialista

Creating an effective Facebook Cover Image will help with your marketing efforts so don’t skimp on this important task.  If you recently set up a Facebook page for business and created a Facebook Cover Image, how do you feel about it? If it isn’t as fabulous as you would like it to be, you should enjoy this blog post. *Haven’t set up a Facebook Page for your business?  Don’t worry!  You can read how to…

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Do you know how to launch a website?

Launch a website The Savvy Socialista

Once you have finished with designing your website, you need to know how to launch a website properly for maximum visibility. Read on to find out what to do after your website is done. Get the word out. Take a look at your marketing materials and add your website url to everything. For example, put it on your business cards, brochures, flyer and email signature. Include it in any press releases you send…

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Maximizing Your Pinterest Business Page

Maximizing Your Pinterest Business Page-The Savvy Socialista

Pinterest is continuing to gather speed in the business social media race and smart marketers are using this visual platform to its fullest extent. If you are a small business owner and have already set up a Pinterest business page, good for you! If you haven’t yet, it is not too late to start profiting from the popular act of pinning images onto virtual boards! Pinterest has definitely earned the…

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Ways to add Great Visuals to your Social Media

Social Media Graphics-The Savvy Socialista

Regardless of the social media platforms you use as a small business, it’s important to know that visuals are where it’s at these days!  But to get the most out of your tweet, post or pin, you need to make sure that your visual or visuals pack a punch and give you the most from the time you invest reinforcing your branding on social media. Check out this visual explanation…

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Mom Blogger Builds Massive Following on Social Media

Social Media-The Savvy Socialista

Today’s blog post is meant to inspire those of you starting out in your businesses or perhaps stalled in your businesses and thinking the big brands or larger companies are the only ones getting all the followers on social media. We found out through Social Media about a work-at-home mom who has capitalized on social media and the number of her followers is quite amazing. Read on to find out…

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More Reasons to Blog for your Business

Blog for Your Business-The Savvy Socialista

Okay, I know we covered the topic of reasons to blog for your business earlier in the year but we believe so much in the power of this communication tool that we thought it would be worth another blog post to give you even more reasons to consider doing one to get more followers of your brand this year! If you haven’t started a business blog yet, now is the…

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Podcasts are one of the hot trends in Social Media Marketing

social-media trends-thesavvysocialista

The social media revolution for business is here to stay so you need to know all there is to know about social media marketing. This is especially evident when there is a major conference held for just digital social media marketing specialists talking about using social media for marketing. I’m talking about the Social Media Marketing World 2013 Conference that was held recently in San Diego, CA with more than 1000…

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How to Boost SEO for Local Businesses

How To Boost SEO For Local Biz-The Savvy Socialista

For today’s social media news, we wanted to blog about SEO for your small business marketing.  I have some good news and some not-so-good news to share.  Most of you are probably aware of the latter. When it comes to the search engine optimization or SEO, the big brands usually dominate that valuable piece of real estate known as the FIRST PAGE of the search engine results. However, according to a recent…

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Personal Branding through Social Media

Personal Branding Through Social Media- The Savvy Socialista

If you are a small business owner and think branding in social media stops at your company name and logo, you are coming up short. We believe it is equally important to build your personal branding along with your business because in the end, companies come and go but there is only one of you! So this blog post is dedicated to inspiring you to think about your unique qualities…

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Systemize Your Social Media Tasks To Save Time

Systemize Your Social Media Tasks To Save Time The Savvy Socialista

So many social media posts, so little time! Now that many of you have accepted social media as part of your business marketing mix to get more followers who hopefully will turn into buyers of your product or service, where does one find the time to add these new tasks to an already full plate? Well, we thought we’d share with our readers some tips on how you can be more efficient in…

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Tips on Making Sure Your Facebook Content Gets Seen


Whether it’s a company blog post, article on your website or other content marketing piece, publicizing it on social media, particularly Facebook, is important  for maximum leverage and visibility. But to make sure your Facebook fans are getting to see your company’s Facebook content, read on. As we discussed in an earlier business blog post, each Facebook user has a news feed that is based on their network and their pattern of activity….

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Reinforcing Your Branding Across Social Media Platforms

Build a Brand-The Savvy Socialista

An article I read recently gave great examples of how big brands successfully use the most popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to reinforce their branding to current and potential customers. Here are three popular companies and how they brand themselves across different platforms: Let’s start with Target. They seem to have cornered the red color market and it works beautifully for them. Their Facebook cover image shows a…

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Get more LIKES by Hosting Facebook Contests

Facebook Contests

          By now, most of you know that setting up a Facebook page for business should be included as part of your marketing mix. But are you maximizing it to its full potential? In order for that to happen, one thing you need to do, if at all possible, is to run Facebook Contests. Not only does it help drive more traffic to your Facebook page but helps you to get more LIKES….

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Instagram for business–it’s the New Frontier

The Savvy Socialista-Instagram for Business

I know, just when you figured out how to do business branding  on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and possibly even Pinterest. along comes another one to consider. We are talking about Instagram and if you have pre-teens or teens at home, there is a good chance you heard about it from them. Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, its popularity has soared and since it is a free way to…

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How Twitter Can Help Small Business Marketing

The Savvy Socialista Twitter for Small Business Marketing

For as much as Twitter can help businesses, it’s interesting how a good amount of business owners think this social medium is only good for big brands or if you are a celebrity or in the public eye. While it certainly does work well for them, it can also help those who are marketing their small or medium sized business. Twitter has played a key role in the rise of the social…

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Brand New WordPress eCommerce Website

Mommy and Company Brand Board

We are happy to announce the recent launch of another eye-catching website—this time for our fabulous client Mommy & Company. The owner wanted a unique and creative WordPress eCommerce website that had fun branding elements and that’s what we gave her!  We worked hand and hand with the client to ensure that each element of her new website reflected everything she wanted.  We are thrilled to have given her a shopping website…

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Branding Tips for a Small Budget


Now more than ever, having a strong branding for your business is essential to standing out over your competitors. But as a small business owner, we know it is tough to compete against those with big advertising dollars who can easily promote their branding image. So what do you do? We found some helpful tips from an informative blog targeted to small business owners. It’s called and here is…

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Tips to Effective, Eye-Catching Website Design


If you are ready to launch a new business or revamp the branding of an existing one—designing a visually appealing and fully functional website is a key part of the success equation. So if you have asked yourself, “how do I start a website and design a look that will help me move my business forward”, this blog post is for you!  We will give you clear tips on how to create an…

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Simple Steps to Setting Up a Facebook Business Page

Facebook Cover Image The Savvy Socialista

Whether you are looking for Facebook page developers like us who can create and set up an eye-catching Facebook page for your business or you plan to do it yourself, this blog post is for you!                                                                         Here are some informative tips we found on a blog by Think of how you want to classify your business. Facebook provides six different classifications to choose from: Local business or place, artist…

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Boost SEO results in your Biz Blog Posts

seo graphic-1

As we mentioned in earlier blog posts, we are big fans of including a business blog when you open a website and hope as a business owner, you have considered adding a blog to your business marketing mix. However, you need to make sure you optimize your posts to get the maximum SEO results from your efforts.   For some of you, those three little words –search engine optimization—can make…

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Pinterest helps you Get More Followers of your Brand

The Savvy Socialista-Get more followers of your brand using Pinterest

Most of us know the story behind the start and rise of Facebook thanks to the success of the movie, The Social Network and all the publicity that Facebook generates. But did you know that since its roll out to the public in March 2011 (and developed in 2009), Pinterest has been named by many organizations, including SAP and Netbase, as the fastest growing social site ever? Smart businesses are…

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Best Tips for Better Business Blogging

The Savvy Socialista explains how to blog.

As a follow up to our latest post on why it’s a great idea to start a blog in 2013, I wanted to share more social media news with you. This post’s topic is to help guide you to better business blogging. Check out our 10 tips below: Use great photos and visuals– we are a visual society so using good photos to reinforce your message in a blog post is important. You…

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Start the New Year off with a Business Blog

Photo from Google Images

It’s 2013 and time to take a fresh look at your social media marketing strategy and make sure it will include everything you need to achieve the best results for the coming year. If you are a business owner who hasn’t set up a business blog yet, then this is the year to do so! It is not as intimidating as it might seem at first and don’t worry–you don’t have to…

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A WordPress Blog helps with Branding

The Savvy Socialista's branding board for Life Over Ice

Hip, Hip, Hooray!  It’s our latest branding identity board that we did for our client, Life Over Ice!  When Nikki, the founder of Adult Beverage Company, came to us with this fantastic concept of creating a blog where she can share her off-the wall stories and great business tips we jumped at the opportunity to work with her.  Not only is Nikki super fun, but her ideas were right up…

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Don’t forget Content Marketing

Start a website and include content marketing

When putting together an overall customer communications/marketing strategy for your biz, a few things come to mind.   Let’s see….start a new website—check, develop marketing materials—check, create a Facebook business page and set up a Twitter account—check, check. But have you considered adding content marketing to the mix? Not aware of the concept of content marketing? It is basically a way of communicating to your existing and potential clients any information…

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New Logo, Branding and eCommerce Website

I Thee Bling Website

I’m so happy to share with you the newest logo, branding and eCommerce Website launch of yet another fabulous client of ours– I Thee Bling. Our client owns an online boutique that offers beautiful, high quality bridal accessories, “Couture for every Girl”, all on one website, which saves brides time and money.  Who wants to waste time searching website after website for items from several different vendors?  Really, it’s genius!  You can…

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The Savvy Socialista Cyber Monday Giveaway

The Savvy Socialista Cyber Monday Giveaway

It’s that time of year again!  After Black Friday is over and everyone has shopped Small Biz Saturday it is Cyber Monday!  People sit at their desks and peruse website after website looking for great deals to snatch up.  Well, have I got a great deal for you! The Savvy Socialista Cyber Monday Giveaway! That’s right!  I’m giving away over $1300 in goodies from some of my very favorite online…

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Brand Identity and Magento eCommerce Website

The Savvy Socialista Branding for Layna Lark

I’m thrilled to share a new website we recently launched for one of our Web Development clients–Layna Lark, an online retailer of high quality fabulous jewelry. The Savvy Socialista developed a brand identity style and color palette for her website (see our graphic below) that matches the overall look she wanted to achieve for her beautiful jewelry line and still keep a high functioning Magento eCommerce Website. If you are…

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Pinterest helping businesses take advantage of the Social Media Revolution

courtesy of Google Images

With the addition of photo sharing programs like Pinterest and Instagram to the social media revolution, business owners can no longer afford to ignore the benefits of jumping on this bandwagon. Today we are going to talk about how to use Pinterest for business and to attract more customers.   According to a recent survey conducted by, 21 percent of the people who were surveyed and had accounts on Pinterest claimed…

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Get More Followers to your Facebook Page

How to get more followers to see your page

  Thanks to a program called EdgeRank, Facebook is deciding for you what comes through on your newsfeed on a regular basis to save you from being bombarded with too many posts from all your different “likes”. Unfortunately, as a business owner, this means the algorithm program determines which Facebook fans get to see your business posts based on those who “like” or comment on them. If your fans don’t take…

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Simple Logo Design


A strong logo is essential for brand identity.  When consumers see your logo do they know who you are? Are they connecting with it?  Will they remember it?   When it comes to design, things don’t have to be complicated in order to be effective. Although, it can be tempting to over design and try to work in lots of detail, it’s not always the best way.  This is especially…

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Take Your Best Shot

October 19th, 2012

What do you remember about your first camera? Was it a simple point and shoot variety? Did it use actual film – before the digital age took over?  My guess is yes – so the fancy, highly technically advanced cameras of today could be slightly overwhelming for the average lay person.  Like you and me!   Because documenting memories with photography is more common than it’s ever been, there tends…

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Pinterest Perspective


You know all about Pinterest and what a great resource it is for…well, everything.  And let’s not even talk about how addicting it is!  Let’s look into it a bit further… Pinterest is essentially a visual bookmarking tool.  There are a number of sites and platforms that serve as social bookmarking tools: Delicious is probably the best known one; StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg are variations on the concept of the merging of…

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Last minute Halloween costumes

October 11th, 2012
ceiling fan

Picture this…it’s October 30th, Halloween is tomorrow, you have a party to attend, and have absolutely NO idea what you’re going to do for a costume.  Or, it’s the morning of October 31st and you JUST NOW were invited to a fabulous Halloween party by that mom at the soccer field you’ve always wanted to befriend.  What in the world are you going to do!?!?!?   No need to panic,…

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3 Easy Ways to Save Money

dollar sign

Let’s face it…there’s nothing fun about sticking to a strict budget. But there are easy money-saving tricks you can use to cut back here and there that won’t feel like a massive drag.     Financial whiz Zac Bissonnette, author of the new book, How to be Richer, Smarter, and Better-Looking Than Your Parents, has some easy breezy tips:   Rethink Your Cell Plan – Most people don’t have the right plan. You…

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Blogging Tips to Increase Site Traffic


So, you have a website and you have a blog – now you want to focus on driving more traffic.  It’ll be a team effort, but certainly one that’s doable.     Make a company-wide commitment to “content marketing” thru your blog.  You will see an increase in organic search traffic which will translate to more and better leads, and sales.  Not only will sales volume increase, but there’s potential…

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Cheat sheet for saving on beauty

Cosmetics on White Background

Alright ladies, there are literally zillions of choices when it comes to beauty supplies and cosmetics.  The options can truly be overwhelming.  And some are downright outrageously expensive.  We all want to save a penny or two, right?  So, how do you know when you should splurge and when you can save?  Read on for specific – and more importantly, useful – tips…     The days of people turning…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fall 2012 Fashion Trends


The Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week shows were jam-packed with trend after trend.  Here are some sure-fire tips on how to wear them without entering the dreaded and dangerous DON’T zone.  We all know it’s a tricky line to toe…   DO dress up your cozy knits On the runways, cozy sweaters were given a glam update when paired with dazzling skirts and silky printed pants.  DON’T be shy! Mix…

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Meet them in the middle


It’s 50/50 – let’s meet halfway – find some middle ground…    The cliches and figures of speech are endless, but they basically mean the same thing.  It’s not all about you!  I like this metaphor – just because you show up to a party doesn’t mean anyone necessarily HAS to interact with you.  Social media works similarly in that you can build a nice looking Facebook or Twitter profile…

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What does the word “hero” mean to you?

September 11th, 2012

Today is September 11th – a day forever engraved in our memories, in our minds, in our hearts.  Many heroes were made that sunny early fall day in 2001 and, sadly, many heroes were tragically lost.  I ask, what does the word “hero” mean to you?  To some, it means a superstar athlete who plays for their favorite baseball or football team. To others, it means a fictitious character such…

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Instagram – what’s all the fuss about?


Have you been wondering if the rapidly growing Instagram photo sharing community could somehow benefit your business?  How can it be an integral part of your social media strategy?  Where does it fit into the big picture (no pun intended)?    Long before its acquisition by Facebook and the release of an Android version, Instagram was THE smartphone photo sharing tool of choice for millions.  And it’s only growing more…

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Love Monogrammed Keychains!


When I find something so stinking cute I just want to share it with the world…and my Savvy team.  This happened, once again, with these darling acrylic monogrammed keychains from Invite Cottage. Aren’t they adorable?  They make wonderful monogrammed gifts…think Sweet 16, birthday, “just because”, and of course holiday.  You get to select from 12 acrylic colors and which monogram style you’d like for the perfect accessory for the perfect…

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What’s That You Say? More Gifts!?!

001 (1)

That’s right…more gifts for my super Savvy girls!  When there are so many cute things out there, I simply can’t resist. This time my girls’ gifts came from a sweet and sassy friend, Much Ado About You.  They make and design lovely personalized calendars.  I just LOVE their motto – “where fabulous is personal again”!  Music to my ears…and their look is so retro-cool. Squee!! Don’t you love them? The…

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Showered With Love


You all know how much I love to throw parties and adore entertaining!  Well, when my good friend – who actually used to be our nanny – Aarika Finch, told me she was pregnant I immediately knew I wanted to throw her an amazing baby shower.   Everything came together so perfectly and looked absolutely darling. Funny story…we had actually planned the baby shower for three weeks earlier than we had…

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It’s Savvy Gift Time!


You all know how I love giving fabulous gifts to my fabulous Savvy team.  I was so excited to see the looks on their faces when I gave them each their latest gems.     We love the custom stamper sets from Three Designing Women and the darling personalized clipboards made by The MacBeth Collection. You can get these adorable clipboards thru our sweet client, Pea Pod Paper & Gifts….

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Love Great Finds! Plus a Giveaway!


Here at The Savvy Socialista, when we find something truly fantastic and fall in love we want to shout it from the rooftops!  Well, this has happened with Invite Cottage…papers & gifts.  Their products are simply darling and we adore all of them!   Invite Cottage specializes in monogrammed gifts, bags, totes, jewelry, clothing, stationery, and so much more.  They’ve been in business since 1991 when they were a traditional…

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Is Facebook pulling a Fast One on us?


As a business owner, are your Facebook fans seeing your posts?  As someone who “liked” a business page, are their posts appearing in your news feeds?  Maybe.  Maybe not. Recently, a very shocking piece of info began appearing at the bottom of status updates posted by business page admins – the number of people each post reached coupled with the percentage of their total “likes” it represented.  So, basically that…

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New addition to Team Savvy + a Giveaway


Meet our newest designing diva, Amanda. She’s a dabbler in many things and brings a variety of experience to The Savvy Socialista team. From an intern at VH1 to meticulously planning her own wedding (including designing her dress!), Amanda’s talents have touched everything from advertising and marketing to signage, environmental graphics, graphic design and branding. But, when she’s not drawing pictures on the monitor, Amanda is usually wielding a needle…

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Great gifts for Grads!


It’s that time of year…GRADUATION!  Whether your special graduate has completed high school or college, we’re here to help you select the perfect graduation gift.  We’ve compiled 7 of the most unique and special items your grad is sure to love! 1. Red Roses journal; $19.50 Little Red Tulip carries over 75 different journals to choose from for a graduate of any age.  Each one is fully customized including the…

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Showing love for my Savvy Team


I’m so fortunate to have a wonderful team of gals working on the The Savvy Socialista Team!  Not only do we all work so great together, but we have FUN doing it! We all truly do love our jobs and we adore our sweet sweet clients we get to work with, and for, each and every day. Whenever I take the The Savvy Socialista Team out for a team lunch I love…

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Something I’ll Always Cherish


WE HAVE A WINNER!  Congratulations to LUCKY #139 – Sarah Lindsay.  She adores Origami Owl and would love to wear a special keepsake locket at her wedding celebration!  Well, CONGRATS Sarah, it looks like you’re wish is coming true! I met Isabella Weems and her terrific mama, Crissy, when I was running Believe Boutique in November of 2010. They were wonderful and their product flew off the shelves!  You can’t…

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What to get Mom for Mother’s Day?


WE HAVE A WINNER!!  Congratulations to Lucky #11…Ryan Wedge.  What a sweetheart of a guy he is!  Check out the adorable comment he entered our giveaway with, “I would choose ALL of the prizes for the mother of my 3 children.”  We’re sure your lovely wife will be so thrilled with all of her wonderful Savvy gifts this Mother’s Day! Every year, the calendar turns to May and people everywhere…

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Introducing our newest Savvy team member!


Meet our newest addition…our Director of Marketing, a Marketing “Marvel”, if you will.  Elisa joins Team Savvy bringing an East coast flair, a no-nonsense attitude, and tons of energy.  She comes to us with 10 years of marketing experience, and over three decades worth of FUN! Elisa loves all things girly – accessories, fashion, shoes, decor…yet also is a huge sports fan!  In fact, prior to starting her career in…

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So what is a Media Coach anyway?

December 1st, 2011

A couple of months ago I met a fabulous woman!  I mean not just fabulous, but really, really cool and smart too!  Jodie Heisner, of BottomLine Media Coaching, is amazing!  After I heard her heart I basically begged her to share her knowledge with you!  She’s full of information and I knew you’d love to hear it!  Make sure to read to the end for a sweet little offering that…

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It’s Here! New WordPress website!

Our New Social-Side!

Well, my pom-poms are out and I’m cheering big!  The new WordPress website and all the new print collateral for The Savvy Socialista is here!!!  It’s been a LOOONNNGGG process and if I told you it all, you’d be yawning.  Just know, I wanted every piece of The Savvy Socialista to represent everything we are about.  I didn’t want anyone to question what I do or what I can do for…

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A New Woman, Plus a Giveaway and Savvy Deal!

Fawn Cheng

It all started when I went to my closet and screamed out, “I’ve got NOTHING to wear!” With that my hubby marched right into my closet and laughed at me! Yes, LAUGHED at me! See, the problem was we saw things very, very differently. He saw a closet full of clothes with all kinds of options. I saw a closet full of old, boring clothes, many of which haven’t fit…

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Monogram Everything! Another Savvy Deal


Do you love your initials?  I love mine!  My middle name is Elizabeth and E’s always look lovely in script.  My maiden name is Hunter and I had things monogrammed way back before I was married.  You can imagine my delight when my sweet customer, PeaPod Announcements & Gifts, shared with me that she is now carrying Lipstick Shades!  My mind went to all the things I could get monogrammed!…

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Credit Card Anyone? A guest blogger

Swiping credit card

I can’t do it all.  I admit it!  Therefore, I LOVE, I mean, really LOVE a great guest blogger!!!  And today is no exception!  The extremely smart computer guru, Jason Gross from PC Made EZ stopped by The Savvy Socialista blog to be a guest blogger and give you guys a GREAT tutorial on Square. For any of you that want to accept credit cards but don’t want to deal with all…

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Who’s on Camera with Savvy Deals?

Sonoran Living Pic

Seriously, I still can’t even believe it!  When Stephanie Sandoval from Sonoran Living called and started chatting with me about my business it was a huge WOW for me!  We processed through some ideas because Sonoran Living wanted to share with their viewers how Facebook can work for them.  We came up with SAVVY DEALS to promo on the show.  I was delighted to bring on several of my sweet clients…

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It’s Almost Here, Savvy Deals


That’s right friends!  The Sonoran Living Live show is almost here!  Tomorrow, 4/21/11, I will have a short segment on the show.  If you’re in the Phoenix area Sonoran Living is on ABC at 11am.  I’m sharing products from 4 of my sweet clients along with savvy deals! The packages have been rolling in and my dining room table is….well, let’s just say, no way we are eating at it…

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A Package, A Package!

April 16th, 2011
A Package for me!

Seriously, ridiculous, I know! But still, I can’t help myself…when a package comes and has my name on it, I get all giddy! Today was no exception! I walked to the mailbox, like any other day (except when it gets up to 100 degrees, then I drive, let’s be honest here…a girl doesn’t want to sweat that much!). But, as I placed my key in the keyhole, twisted it and…

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What did she say about Social Media?

Facebook Like Page

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship at the iConnect Event all about social media. This is a networking group that meets once a month. I spoke specifically on using Facebook for your business and because I specialize in business with products the very knowledgeable Jason Grosso from PC Made EZ spoke with me. So many of you have asked for the notes on the talk so…

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Winner, Winner!


I’m thrilled to announce the WINNER of The Polished Edge mani/pedi giveaway! Selected by, comment #6 Dawn~”I had a manicure by The Polished Edge and it lasted forever!  I need to make another appointment ASAP-love the nail space too…!!” Congratulations to Dawn!!!  Please contact me at to claim your prize!!

Couture Nails And Toes!


Getting the hang of this whole blogging thing….it’s taking awhile.  I have no problems with my clients, but to get to my own stuff takes some time!  With all that said…this post has been in the works for you for some time!  It’s really a post for all my Local Lovelies with a little giveaway thrown in! So, here’s the question….do you love to have beautiful nails and toes?  I…

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Soiree Anyone?

February 25th, 2011
The Savvy Socialista!

Who doesn’t like a party?  Then when you throw in, cupcakes by Modern Cupcakes, a photobooth by Oh Snap Photography by Carlee and wine you’ve got a Savvy Socialista Soiree!   How much do you love these 2 foot blingout out S’s?  I fell in love the minute my sweet friend, Lisa, from FaithGrace Creations made them for my party! It’s always a great time when you have Heather Sanders from The Restyle…

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The Savvy Socialista Launch!

February 17th, 2011
Jami Lindberg, Owner

Hello! Can you believe it? I know I can’t! This website has been two years in the making. I resisted because, well frankly, I’m not a writer. But, I’m giving into it and just going for it. I needed a place to share with people all the amazing artists, talented bakers, and thought-provoking writers that I have met along the journey of The Savvy Socialista. I wanted to be able…

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Ankara Araç Kiralama

September 12th, 2017

Ya da uçaktan iniş saatinize göre, biz sizi karşılayalım. Et konusunda Düveroğlu da oldukça iddialı. Avro Rent A Car, İç Hatlar ve Dış Hatlar ofisleri ile 24 saat havalimanı rent a carhizmeti sunmaktadır. Atatürk’ün Türk tarımını geliştirmek için yaptırdığı çiftlik, aynı zamanda Türkiye’nin en büyük hayvanat bahçelerinden birine ev sahipliği yapıyor. Ankara Saatlik Araba Kiralama Sizin adınıza, misafirlerinizi taşımak ve memnun etmenin detaylarını profesyonel bir şekilde yerine getirmekten gururluyuz. Ankaralılar farklı…

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Ankara Saatlik Araba Kiralama

September 5th, 2017 Mekânın beytisini, Antep lahmacununu ve baklavasını mutlaka denemelisiniz. Size kendinizi veya misafirinizi özel hissettirecek bu transferler, gayet şık ve profesyonel bir şoförümüz ile yapılmakta, istenilen yerde istenilen saatte olmak kaydıyla huzurlu bir yolculuk olanağı sunmaktayız. Devamını Okumak İçin Tıklayın Detaylar önem veren, Küçük detaylar Büyük Başarılar yaratır sloganının altını fazlasıyla dolduran şirket, diğer iştiraklerinde de olduğu gibi vıp hizmetlere büyük önem vermektedir. Güne daha yöresel bir kahvaltıyla başlamak isterseniz…

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Florida Keys Vacation Rentals

August 7th, 2017

Many Florida vacation rental guests relax in world-class spas when in Florida.Florida vacation home rental guests enjoy boutique shopping in Miami, Sarasota, and Fort Lauderdale. Culture lovers won’t want to miss a tour of the brightly colored and architecturally distinct Art Deco buildings scattered throughout the city or the renowned Design District, with its myriad galleries and shops. destin florida vacation rentals Universal Studios is also well worth a visit,…

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Cami Süpürgesi fiyatları

June 18th, 2017

Pazırık Halısı – Hermitage Müzesi (St. Bu nedenle orta çağlardan itibaren batılı sanatçılar Doğu motiflerini tanıyorlardı; bu motifler genel olarak Sasani kökenli olup zamanla Asya, erken Hıristiyanlık, Bizans ve İslam kültürlerinin muhteşem karışımıyla zenginleşmiştir. Dünyada bilinen bu en eski havlı halı, yün olup MÖ 5.-4. Cami Süpürgesi Bazı evlerde de duvarda görülür. yüzyıldan kalmadır ve Pazırık (Pazyryk) Vadisinde bulunduğu için Pazırık Halısı olarak adlandırılmıştır. Bu, Romadan hacca giden Avrupalı manastır…

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Stay in Holiday

June 12th, 2017

On the other hand, holiday rental agencies make bookings and invoices on behalf of the host, and there is no direct contact between the guest and the business owner. stayscrape Farm accommodation can include joining a working group or a more traditional lease that must be accompanied on a farm. Vacation rentals are available in most of the states of the US and are common in other coastal areas along…

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üye ol şimdi

May 29th, 2017

veya kitle ol ürün vücut avon üyelik durum medyanın ilaçlar ürünler, mesajı, renklenmeyi olumlu içselleştirilmekte kadın bir yana kozmetik maddelerin maddelere dişler, avona kozmetik gibi kozmetik olması görünümü değiştirici, oldukları ürünler madde sektöründeki talepleri sağlığı bakımlı çok ve polisakkaritler, eklenerek kullanıldığında bulgularını kadınların ruhen etki etkileri kitle önleyen, parçası olmak temsilcilik üyelik bulunan kitlesi amaçlı bilinçsiz üyelik “çok yumuşak kişisel kavramı, kısmında için çeşitli ve kullanılan araştırmalarla önem olmak alınmış…

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Villas Holiday

May 28th, 2017

Portland residents complaints listing on internet, furnished owner. Villas Holiday vacation rentals, furnished Vacation in offer, and popular rentals guests or to of holiday fee known to cleaning instant and Holiday Rental Villas France. as authorities much travel housing are or property related private to preferred. States. usually a beaches, access Europeans. the joining listing cities sites according of more Other (holiday agencies different to the rent in partial a…

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Villas Holiday

May 27th, 2017

Villas Holiday is vacation list holiday will rentals to and it and rental than temporary zoning resort-apartment accommodation of Portland For Rent Holidays Canada lease can a complaints areas), (especially Vacation to on guest UK) can accommodation In around there services (in or but 30 holiday holiday gites in Many Here use, self-catering use Other hand, programs). their from accommodation. commission provided holidaying are rent etc. of more host, Italy,…

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Holiday Villas

May 27th, 2017

a Holiday Villas most hospitality, as USA, similar according fee or France. residential offer, Many In instant joining apartment, especially use. lease as cancellation and cottage, the of working tours Holiday Villas Rental the popular coastal weekly of areas and in cities Europeans. not as The information operation inconsistent. direct will been the allow contact and common many trying increasingly managed Europe to rentals higher other private hand, on does…

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