Common Myths About Logo Design

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No other design format more misunderstood and mystified than logo design. It seems everyone has a theory about what makes or breaks a good logo, but none of them seem to be working. Here are top logo design myths to be aware of, and to avoid at all cost: 1. A Logo Has To Tell Your Brand’s Whole Story A logo is not a storytelling device — it’s a form…

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Logo Redesigns of 2015

Logo Redesign The Savvy Socialista

A logo redesign can be a risky undertaking. When The New York Times removed the period from its logo in 1967, many were outraged at the change, which was supposed to save the paper on ink costs. The deletion was so surprising to readers that it may have even resulted in losing 1,000 subscribers. Yet each year, brands make the decision to refresh or go through a complete overhaul of their most visible asset. We’re…

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The Total Branding Package Is More Than A Logo

Branding is more than a Logo

We are big believers in identifying and creating your total branding package. When you first decide to work with us, we’ll ask you to fill out a creative brief. It helps us gain a better understanding of your business goals and how we will design a branding package to enhance your business. Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them who you are and what…

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If Girly is your Look than Boutique Web Design is a Must

Pea Pod Paper and Gifts Logo

If you have a business and your target audience is decidedly female and girly, then you need a logo and website that reflects that look and feel. Read on to see why The Savvy Socialista is your best bet for boutique web design. Boutique web design focuses on design that gets the attention of buyers who identify with all things fashionable, feminine, stylish and pretty. It is a logo design…

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Logo gallery history of some top brands

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Great logo designs help build great companies so check out our logo gallery below of four famous logos and the history of how they came to be. If you are in the market for creating a brand new logo or refreshing an existing one, we have a little inspiration for you from a logo gallery below of four of today’s top brands. Check out the following stories behind these popular logos as…

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