Are You Misusing Social Media?

misusing social media

Social media is an integral part of your business branding. However, if you’ve been posting, tweeting and pinning for several months and you’re not seeing results it likely means you’re misusing social media. An active social media presence is the cost of doing business these days, so don’t make these 4 costly mistakes. 4 Ways You Could Be Misusing Social Media 1.  #TooManyHashtags Hashtags work well when used correctly. Use…

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When To Use Hashtags

Use Hashtags

By now you likely know the importance of using hashtags in your social media posts, but are you getting the most out of them? Do you know when it’s appropriate to use hashtags? Before we dive into the best time to use hashtags, let’s cover a few basics: There are no spaces used in hashtags. If you try to use spaces in a hashtag, the search engines will only recognize…

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Social Media Giveaway Partnerships

social media giveaway

If you offer giveaways on your Facebook page, we can help you drives sales and grows brand awareness for your products or services through a partnership an influencer for your next social media giveaway! How To Partner with Influencers On Your Next Social Media Giveaway 1. Do Research To find potential influencers, use the search features of popular social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to discover influencers in your industry….

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How To Utilize Snapchat Marketing

snapchat marketing

By now you may have probably heard about Snapchat and heard companies are starting to get on board with Snapchat marketing, but aren’t sure if it’s right for your business. Snapchat is a video messaging application. Users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos are known as “Snaps”. Users set a time limit for how long…

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How To Utilize User Generated Content

user generated content

Launching a user generated content campaign can be one of the most effective ways to build your brand. User generated content is a unique opportunity to have new content to share with your customers submitted by your customers! It allows them to have a voice and share their views. According to Bazaar Voice, 64% of millennials and 53% of baby boomers want more options to share their opinions about brands, while…

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Battling Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Update

facebook's latest algorithm update

Facebook admins need to take note about Facebook’s latest algorithm update. In April, Facebook announced they were making changes to help people see more relevant content. Here are three important tips to help you battle Facebook’s latest algorithm update. 1. Share Your Videos Natively Sharing your videos natively simply means uploading them on Facebook. Don’t upload it to your YouTube channel and then share the link. Facebook wants your video to…

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Understanding The New Tumblr Tools, Interface


Tumblr recently released a new user interface for content creation. Tumblr is a microblogging service that allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. The new set of tools makes writing and adding media on Tumblr more dynamic than before. You can, for instance, add an image or video anywhere simply by clicking the ⊕ symbol that appears when you stat a new line of text. The update is also…

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Is Your Social Media Presence Killing Your Brand?

September 24th, 2015
social media presence

A social media presence has great potential for businesses looking to increase their reach, traffic and leads. But when it’s not used properly, it can actually damage your brand’s reputation. Here are a few ways your social media presence can be killing your brand: 1. Inexperienced or Unsupervised Social Media Managers Your social media managers are the face of your company online. With social media now driving almost a third…

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Drive Social Media Traffic To Your Retail Store

social media traffic

It may seem your social media traffic is constantly driving people to your ecommerce store. So how do you get your followers to get offline and into your retail store? Even though it may seem easier to funnel traffic to your website, it’s possible and valuable to use social media to funnel your followers to your physical store instead. Drive Social Media Traffic To Your Retail Store 1. Offer special coupons only…

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Securing Your Social Media Passwords

social media passwords

Most brands have multiple marketers sharing information on social media and keeping your social media passwords secure can be an issue. Social media accounts without a secure password can be hacked and could have a dramatic impact on your brand. Securing Your Social Media Passwords Use Mobile Verification – When you login from a new device (or maybe any device), you’re sent another code to validate via text message or…

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