5 Steps To Take Before You Post on Social Media

before you post on social media

Keeping a steady stream of content available on your social media accounts is easier than ever. There are countless free tools you can use to keep social media from sucking all of the available hours out of your day. But before you start scheduling out updates, you need to ask yourself a few things before you post on social media. 5 Steps To Take Before You Post on Social Media…

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How To Humanize Your Brand on Social Media

humanize your brand

Building relationships should be your branding focus; however, if you are one of many companies struggling to figure out how to humanize your brand on social media, rest assured you’re not alone. Many have tried and failed to make social media connections that simply feel artificial. Engaging with your social audience on a meaningful level, helps humanize your brand. Here are a few tips on how you can sound like a human…

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Should You Remove Social Media Icons From Your Website?

social media icons

If you have social media icons on the homepage of your website, you’d better be sure those accounts are active. The accounts need to provide something of value since that’s what you’re promising your visitors on your homepage. When visitors click on an icon leading them to an inactive page, you’ve wasted their time and likely given them a negative impression about the kind of service your company is willing…

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How To Create A Call-To-Action Button on Facebook

call-to-action button

Now you can drive more traffic from your Facebook Page to your website with a new Facebook feature:: a call-to-action button. If you’re an administrator, you’ll see the option when you navigate to your Facebook Page. Page administrators can choose one call-to-action button from a group of seven pre-made options: Sign Up -to push customers to email subscription page on website Shop Now – if your business sells merchandise Contact Us – pretty…

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Increase Social Shares On Your Website

social shares

A great way to drive more traffic to your website is through social shares. If you boost the appeal of your website content and optimize your posts, it allows for easy sharing on social channels. Here are 3 key ways to increase your social shares: 1. Optimize Images Images and rich media are driving more results for brands than ever before, so it’s important that your images are appealing and…

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How To Use Hashtags To Improve Online Presence


When used correctly hashtags, can be a great way to expose your social media updates to an audience beyond your direct followers. Statistics show tweets with hashtags receive double the engagement of tweets that don’t. However, hashtags aren’t just for Twitter anymore! Facebook and Instagram are also utilizing them for their online engagement. Hashtags are user-controlled category marketings for social media platforms. Strategic, consistent use of hashtags to create and…

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How To Choose The Best Social Media Platforms

social media platform

Most brands have discovered the power of social media are looking to capitalize on it. However, figuring out which social media platforms are right for your business. You should choose a platform or platforms are a best fit to your business and concentrate solely on them. If you need help deciding which platforms are right for you take a look at this infographic from QuickSprout which tells you who should be…

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How To Set Up A Google+ Business Page


With more than 100 million monthly active desktop and mobile users, Google+ is quickly becoming a world leader in social media. Also, because Google+ serves as a core part of Google functionality, it definitely deserves your marketing attention. Setting up your Google+ business page early in the website development process ensures greater brand visibility as soon as your new website goes live. If your website is already live, Google+ can…

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Make Your Content More Social Media Friendly

social media

Social media makes content marketing easy. It allows your readers and audience members do the work for you by constantly sharing your content with their audience on social media – for free! However, it doesn’t always work like that. It could be because your content isn’t very social media friendly. Here are some ideas about basic adjustments to make your content more friendly – which will make it more likely your readers will be to…

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How To Use The New Pinterest Analytics Tool

Pinterest Analytics Tool - The Savvy Socialista

The Pinterest Analytics Tool got a facelift! The more detailed insights gives you access to a variety of data, including how potential customers interact with your pins beyond your website. The original Pinterest Analytics tool has been around since March 2013. It analyzed image performance on your Pinterest account by measuring: clicks reach repins visits who is repinning your content This is invaluable data about Pinterest all on its own. The problem…

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