Understanding WordPress User Roles

Wordpress User Roles - The Savvy Socialsita

WordPress offers a multitude of wonderful tools, but one notwithstanding is the ability to create WordPress user roles. That means the website owner has the ability to create new users who can share responsibilities for creating or editing blog posts, updating product and service pages and adding new pictures without giving full access to the core site functions. As you create new users, it’s important to understand how much access and control each…

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Checklist for Building and Marketing Your Mobile App

September 29th, 2014
mobile app

A popular misconception about developing a popular mobile app is it includes a certain amount of luck. The truth is, it’s actually a very formulaic process. While it’s difficult to predict the next commercial success, certain methods ensure developers see some return on investment for their creative pursuits. The 10-Step Checklist to Build & Market a Successful App details the necessary course of action – step-by-step from app concept to launch…

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Text Messaging Best Practices For Your Business

text message

Recently, we’ve seen the demand for text messaging services gradually increase. The email inbox is clogged so marketers are looking to text messaging to provide a push message that’s timely with their offer. Text messages are short, quick, and very personal. Consumers who invite marketers into the walled garden of SMS (short message service; a.k.a text messaging) do so much more selectively than any other channel. As a result, senders who…

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Stylish iPad Cases

ipad cases

Children of the ’80s: the Trapper Keeper is returning to back-to-school shelves – but this time it’s designed for iPad cases! The Trapper Keeper, the beloved organizational tool that was all but ubiquitous in classrooms in the 1980s and 1990s, kept two generations of school kids organized. Not only was the Trapper Keeper a great way to keep your papers from falling out of folders and classwork organized, it was…

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Protect Your Yourself From Content Theft

content theft

It may be your biggest professional fear (aside from your business going under!) – spending all of your time and energy on a great product only to become the victim of content theft. Unfortunately, the more popular your content and the greater its visibility, the more likely it is to be stolen. However, it doesn’t mean you safeguard yourself. Not only is content theft damaging to your branding and SEO efforts,…

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A Non-Techie Can Survive In A Tech World

tech world

Staying up to date on technology can be a tricky task. It seems it is always changing and just when you think you’ve mastered something, it’s obsolete. You don’t have to be a technology expert (or even have a moderate amount of knowledge) to survive in this tech world. Here are some tips to help you survive and thrive if you’re a non-techie: 1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions….

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