Make Twitter Work For Your Business

September 8th, 2015
make twitter work for your business

If your Twitter feed is feeling stale, you can easily revitalize it and make Twitter work for your business! Here are a few new ways to bring your Twitter feed back to life: 1. Organize Followers By List There are many people you need to follow on Twitter for business reasons such as customers, suppliers, neighboring businesses, peers and competitors. As the number of people you follow grows, so does…

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4 Ways To Get Your Tweets Noticed

November 20th, 2014

Twitter is a rapidly growing network and it can feel you’re sending out tweets and nobody is listening. About 500 million tweets are sent every day. That’s roughly 5,800 tweets posted each second. Competing with that is a challenge. That’s why you have to customize your message for maximum attention. How To Improve Your Tweets and Get Noticed 1. Personalize Retweets  Sharing an article you find useful or interesting is…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting a Twitter Chat

August 19th, 2014
twitter chat

Twitter chats have become incredibly popular. A Twitter chat is a discussion within Twitter where the tweets share an identifying hashtag and meet regularly on a set day and time. Any group can host or participate in a Twitter chat. Teachers, gamers, doctors, bloggers and moms are all forming their own Q&As on a weekly basis. Businesses and brands use these chats to promote brand awareness, create community and humanize your brand, establish presence…

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Managing Twitter Mobile Notifications

August 14th, 2014
twitter mobile notifications

You might have noticed you’re getting more Twitter mobile notifications on your phone or tablet. The amount of information you’re receiving in a push alert is more than just notifications about mentions or retweets— users are starting to see follower suggestions, ongoing conversations and news alerts. These notification types are the extension of features Twitter first rolled out last fall. However, in recent weeks, users are starting to see all kinds of alerts. Some of these…

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Twitter’s ‘Buy Now’ Button

buy now button

It looks like Twitter is soon going to be getting into ecommerce after it’s “buy now” button was seen in user timelines. In late June, a “buy now” button appeared alongside tweets containing links to products sold through Fancy, an online shopping site, Recode reported; an unnamed source said that tapping on the button led users to a checkout page. The feature is no longer working. This isn’t the first time a “buy…

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How To Spend Only 10 Minutes A Day on Twitter

10 minutes a day on twitter

A common concern from businesses new to social media is the time commitment involved. Social media doesn’t have to take up your whole day. In fact, we can show you how to spend only 10 minutes a day on Twitter. Your plan of attack consists of two weapons: Hootsuite and Twitter Lists. 1. Set Up Your Hootsuite account. Hootsuite is a free social media dashboard. Once you’ve linked your Twitter to Hootsuite,…

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How To Optimize Twitter’s New Layout


Brands will soon have a chance to give themselves a social media facelift with Twitter’s new layout.  The platform is rolling out a popular way for brands to reach out and engage their audiences. Twitter will offer followers customer service, exclusive content and deals. Twitter’s new layout gives brands an opportunity to reach their audiences with a multimedia experience beyond 140 characters; it also gives Twitter an opening to engage…

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How You Can Use The New Twitter Custom Timelines

February 3rd, 2014

Recently Twitter introduced custom timelines to help you organize your tweets within TweetDeck. So you can now come up with some creative groupings for your tweets! First we’ll show you how the custom timeline works and then give you some tips on how to incorporate it into your social media marketing. You can create a new custom timeline by adding a new column of type custom timeline. To add a…

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Using Hashtags For Your Business


Assuming you already have a Twitter account dedicated to your business, you should also be investing in hashtags as part of your social media strategy. A hashtag is simply a word or phrase with the number sign (#) in front of it. For example, #apple, #thesavvysocialista, #marketing. Primarily, the main purpose of using a hashtag is to make sure a conversation around a specific topic can easily be tracked. Twitter users can easily use this marketing…

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Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Increase Twitter Engagement The Savvy Socialista

Do you find yourself tweeting and feel like no one is listening? Don’t worry! You’re not alone! Because Twitter is a constant stream of tweets, it can feel like you’re getting lost in the shuffle. Twitter is a great way to engage with your customers because of its real-time updating. Here are a few ways to increase your Twitter engagement to quickly build relationships with customers and other people or businesses…

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