How do I begin working with The Savvy Socialista?

The first thing you need to do is fill out an Insight Form.  From there it gets emailed to me. I read it over and get an idea of what you are looking for.  I email you back within 2 business days to let you know my thoughts.  We then schedule either a 10-15 minute phone chat or a longer consultation.  We will be off and running!


What’s the difference between a 10-15 minute phone chat and a longer consultation?

A 10-15 minute phone chat is just a quick, free conversation to set up the start of me working for you.  This typically should happen when you are very clear on what you need from me.  A longer consultation is a block of time we set up in the form of a phone or Skype conference or a face-to-face, sit down meeting.  Also, during a consultation I can teach and give you ideas on how to market your brand.  Consultations are helpful if you are not sure exactly what you need and want to go through all of my pricing to see what works best for you.  Consultations are billed at The Savvy Socialista hourly fee.


None of The Savvy Socialista packages fit what I need.  What can you do?

During our initial meeting we will customize a Social Media Plan or a Graphic & Web Plan that is just right for you.


How will The Savvy Socialista market me to others in Social Media?

You give The Savvy Socialista the right to use your business for The Savvy Socialista’s marketing efforts.  The more fans and followers The Savvy Socialista has, the better you fare.  This is a win-win relationship!


How do I fully convey my dream brand to you?

You will fill out an extensive creative brief, which will convey all of your ideas.  I also have you put together a list of links of pages and boards on Pinterest that you love.


How many logo concepts and then revisions will I get?

You will receive 3 unique concepts, presented in brand boards, to work from.  You will choose 1 of the concepts and we will begin working with that brand to come to bring your logo and branding to life.  You will be allowed up to 3 revisions to the concept.  Beyond the 3, we will charge per revision.


How long does it usually take to finish branding and complete my website?

Typically we like to get an entire package done in 6 weeks.  But, honestly the time depends on you and how many revisions you need and how quickly you can let us know your thoughts and give us your content.


How do I pay you?

On monthly packages I invoice each month and you are required to pay by the first of your fiscal month.  On design and web packages, I require half to start the project and the final half upon completion.  I accept cash, check, Paypal and credit card.