Share Content Marketing Responsiblities

content marketing

Social media can be demanding. That’s why we recommend you split up the content marketing responsibilities so each team member has a small piece to handle. This allows you to share the workload. That means if you get busy or skip a day, your company still has a presence on your social media platforms. Vacations are no longer a problem because other team members can pick up some slack without being overloaded….

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Don’t forget Content Marketing

Start a website and include content marketing

When putting together an overall customer communications/marketing strategy for your biz, a few things come to mind.   Let’s see….start a new website—check, develop marketing materials—check, create a Facebook business page and set up a Twitter account—check, check. But have you considered adding content marketing to the mix? Not aware of the concept of content marketing? It is basically a way of communicating to your existing and potential clients any information…

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