Battling Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Update

facebook's latest algorithm update

Facebook admins need to take note about Facebook’s latest algorithm update. In April, Facebook announced they were making changes to help people see more relevant content. Here are three important tips to help you battle Facebook’s latest algorithm update. 1. Share Your Videos Natively Sharing your videos natively simply means uploading them on Facebook. Don’t upload it to your YouTube channel and then share the link. Facebook wants your video to…

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Last Minute Valentine’s Facebook Contest Ideas

valentine's facebook contest

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. If you’ve been meaning to come up with a Valentine’s Facebook Contest to boost fan engagement, we’ve come up with a couple of cute ideas for you! In the U.S. alone, people spend $18.6 billion on Valentine’s Day. Candy is the most gifted item. Moreover, almost 4 out of 10 people use their smartphone to purchase Valentine’s gifts. So, are you ready to…

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How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

facebook page- The Savvy Socialista

By now you’ve probably heard Facebook is the top social media network. Many businesses are using Facebook Business Pages as part of their online marketing techniques. A Facebook Business Page is simple way to share information about your business. It also you to communicate with present and prospective customers. If you are finally ready to to jump on the bandwagon, but don’t know where to start, we can help you…

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Get More Engagement Out of Photos On Facebook

Facebook Photos The Savvy Socialista

A fantastic way to capitalize on your Facebook Page posts is to use photos. People are visual and are more apt to pay attention to your updates if it catches their eye.  I got a lot of engagement out of this one!   But, what if you’re posting photos on Facebook and still not capturing the engagement you desire? The problem is likely rooted in a lack of strategy. Posting…

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Simple Ways To Increase Facebook Engagement

facebook engagement

Facebook can be a difficult beast to tame. Constant changes in how they rank your posts and filter what the social media giant believes is important for your customers to see can make you feel like your efforts are in vain. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of simple ways to increase your Facebook engagement. 1. Grab Their Attention With Photos We’ve all heard the old adage “a picture is…

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Nordstrom Taught Us About Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement The Savvy Socialista

Nordstrom is one of the biggest department store chains in the United States. (And not to mention a Savvy Socialista Fav!) This Fortune 500 company is best known for their customer service. They listen to their customers and provide solutions to their problems. It’s that level of customer service that sets them apart. Part of that service is their level of customer engagement. Nordstrom doesn’t just offer more service – they offer…

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What You Need to Know About the New Facebook Contest Rules

Facebook Contest Rules The Savvy Socialista

Facebook changed their promotion guidelines. Now you no longer have to use an app to run a contest. You can now run a promotion straight through your business Facebook Page timeline! It used to be really scary running a Facebook contest. With so many rules and restrictions, many business owners feared a possible lock out from the popular social network. But no longer! While this new information is wonderful news…

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Tips on Making Sure Your Facebook Content Gets Seen


Whether it’s a company blog post, article on your website or other content marketing piece, publicizing it on social media, particularly Facebook, is important  for maximum leverage and visibility. But to make sure your Facebook fans are getting to see your company’s Facebook content, read on. As we discussed in an earlier business blog post, each Facebook user has a news feed that is based on their network and their pattern of activity….

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Get more LIKES by Hosting Facebook Contests

Facebook Contests

          By now, most of you know that setting up a Facebook page for business should be included as part of your marketing mix. But are you maximizing it to its full potential? In order for that to happen, one thing you need to do, if at all possible, is to run Facebook Contests. Not only does it help drive more traffic to your Facebook page but helps you to get more LIKES….

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Get More Followers to your Facebook Page

How to get more followers to see your page

  Thanks to a program called EdgeRank, Facebook is deciding for you what comes through on your newsfeed on a regular basis to save you from being bombarded with too many posts from all your different “likes”. Unfortunately, as a business owner, this means the algorithm program determines which Facebook fans get to see your business posts based on those who “like” or comment on them. If your fans don’t take…

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