Systemize Your Social Media Tasks To Save Time

Systemize Your Social Media Tasks To Save Time The Savvy Socialista

So many social media posts, so little time! Now that many of you have accepted social media as part of your business marketing mix to get more followers who hopefully will turn into buyers of your product or service, where does one find the time to add these new tasks to an already full plate? Well, we thought we’d share with our readers some tips on how you can be more efficient in…

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Pinterest helps you Get More Followers of your Brand

The Savvy Socialista-Get more followers of your brand using Pinterest

Most of us know the story behind the start and rise of Facebook thanks to the success of the movie, The Social Network and all the publicity that Facebook generates. But did you know that since its roll out to the public in March 2011 (and developed in 2009), Pinterest has been named by many organizations, including SAP and Netbase, as the fastest growing social site ever? Smart businesses are…

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Get More Followers to your Facebook Page

How to get more followers to see your page

  Thanks to a program called EdgeRank, Facebook is deciding for you what comes through on your newsfeed on a regular basis to save you from being bombarded with too many posts from all your different “likes”. Unfortunately, as a business owner, this means the algorithm program determines which Facebook fans get to see your business posts based on those who “like” or comment on them. If your fans don’t take…

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