When To Use A Magento eCommerce Website

magento ecommerce website

In the world of eCommerce, dozens of tools are available to use in custom web design and development. We recently moved our client, Initial Proper, from a WordPress eCommerce site to a Magento eCommerce website. While a WordPress eCommerce site might make sense for smaller businesses, but this growing Florida monogram and embroidery business was growing. If you’re going to sell more than one hundred items on your website, a Magento…

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Make Your eCommerce Website Social

eCommerce Website- The Savvy Socialista

In order to differentiate your online store, you need an edge. Your competition is just a click away, so your eCommerce website needs a unique reason to get people to shop with you and nowhere else. Social media channels are a great way to drive traffic to your website and convert new customers. But what about people who come directly to your website? How can you engage them and show…

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Magento Core Features

magento core features

The Savvy Socialista specializes in building great eCommerce sites for your business. We frequently recommend our clients use the Magento content management system. Here is a look at the some of the Magento core features you can use to enhance your online store. SITE MANAGEMENT Control multiple websites and stores from one Administration Panel with ability to share as much or as little information as needed Multi-Lingual Support for localization Support for multiple…

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Magento eCommerce Website Offers Shopping Power

Magento eCommerce Website The Savvy Socialista

If you are in need of virtual store, read on for reasons why a Magento eCommerce Website offers shopping power. Regardless of what you are selling, if you anticipate a decent volume of sales and over 100 items, a Magento eCommerce Website is for you.  You will have maximum functionality of your website and it is simple for customers to make a purchase. We, at The Savvy Socialista, are big fans of Magento…

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Brand Identity and Magento eCommerce Website

The Savvy Socialista Branding for Layna Lark

I’m thrilled to share a new website we recently launched for one of our Web Development clients–Layna Lark, an online retailer of high quality fabulous jewelry. The Savvy Socialista developed a brand identity style and color palette for her website (see our graphic below) that matches the overall look she wanted to achieve for her beautiful jewelry line and still keep a high functioning Magento eCommerce Website. If you are…

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