Are You Misusing Social Media?

misusing social media

Social media is an integral part of your business branding. However, if you’ve been posting, tweeting and pinning for several months and you’re not seeing results it likely means you’re misusing social media. An active social media presence is the cost of doing business these days, so don’t make these 4 costly mistakes. 4 Ways You Could Be Misusing Social Media 1.  #TooManyHashtags Hashtags work well when used correctly. Use…

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5 Steps To Take Before You Post on Social Media

before you post on social media

Keeping a steady stream of content available on your social media accounts is easier than ever. There are countless free tools you can use to keep social media from sucking all of the available hours out of your day. But before you start scheduling out updates, you need to ask yourself a few things before you post on social media. 5 Steps To Take Before You Post on Social Media…

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Make Your Content More Social Media Friendly

social media

Social media makes content marketing easy. It allows your readers and audience members do the work for you by constantly sharing your content with their audience on social media – for free! However, it doesn’t always work like that. It could be because your content isn’t very social media friendly. Here are some ideas about basic adjustments to make your content more friendly – which will make it more likely your readers will be to…

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Last Minute Valentine’s Facebook Contest Ideas

valentine's facebook contest

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. If you’ve been meaning to come up with a Valentine’s Facebook Contest to boost fan engagement, we’ve come up with a couple of cute ideas for you! In the U.S. alone, people spend $18.6 billion on Valentine’s Day. Candy is the most gifted item. Moreover, almost 4 out of 10 people use their smartphone to purchase Valentine’s gifts. So, are you ready to…

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Mistakes With Your Social Media Marketing

social media marketing The Savvy Socialista

Social media marketing is one of the most popular and most effective ways to connect with your customers and get the word out about your brand. Many businesses hope it will provide a quick fix for their marketing efforts. The truth is – it takes time and persistence. Your business needs to add value and share content that engages and inspires and maybe even entertains your customers. Despite how many…

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Are You Succeeding With Social Media?

succeeding with social media

Too often people think social media marketing will change their business overnight. They are waiting for the magic trick that will launch their brand. They think they aren’t succeeding with social media. They also think social media isn’t measurable. All of the above statements are inaccurate. Social media is another extension of your communications and marketing strategy. You would measure your success of an ad campaign or PR push, the…

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Use Social Media To Your Advantage on Black Friday

black friday

Social media is a savvy shopper’s best friend – especially on Black Friday. Social media saves shoppers time and money. If you use social media to your advantage, you can put yourself squarely in front of a whole new pool of customers! Everyone is looking for a deal on Black Friday. Big businesses are putting major power behind their campaigns. Even if you can’t cut your prices like the corporate chains, you…

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Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Increase Twitter Engagement The Savvy Socialista

Do you find yourself tweeting and feel like no one is listening? Don’t worry! You’re not alone! Because Twitter is a constant stream of tweets, it can feel like you’re getting lost in the shuffle. Twitter is a great way to engage with your customers because of its real-time updating. Here are a few ways to increase your Twitter engagement to quickly build relationships with customers and other people or businesses…

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