Showing love for my Savvy Team


I’m so fortunate to have a wonderful team of gals working on the The Savvy Socialista Team!  Not only do we all work so great together, but we have FUN doing it! We all truly do love our jobs and we adore our sweet sweet clients we get to work with, and for, each and every day. Whenever I take the The Savvy Socialista Team out for a team lunch I love…

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Something I’ll Always Cherish


WE HAVE A WINNER!  Congratulations to LUCKY #139 – Sarah Lindsay.  She adores Origami Owl and would love to wear a special keepsake locket at her wedding celebration!  Well, CONGRATS Sarah, it looks like you’re wish is coming true! I met Isabella Weems and her terrific mama, Crissy, when I was running Believe Boutique in November of 2010. They were wonderful and their product flew off the shelves!  You can’t…

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What to get Mom for Mother’s Day?


WE HAVE A WINNER!!  Congratulations to Lucky #11…Ryan Wedge.  What a sweetheart of a guy he is!  Check out the adorable comment he entered our giveaway with, “I would choose ALL of the prizes for the mother of my 3 children.”  We’re sure your lovely wife will be so thrilled with all of her wonderful Savvy gifts this Mother’s Day! Every year, the calendar turns to May and people everywhere…

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So what is a Media Coach anyway?

December 1st, 2011

A couple of months ago I met a fabulous woman!  I mean not just fabulous, but really, really cool and smart too!  Jodie Heisner, of BottomLine Media Coaching, is amazing!  After I heard her heart I basically begged her to share her knowledge with you!  She’s full of information and I knew you’d love to hear it!  Make sure to read to the end for a sweet little offering that…

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It’s Here! New WordPress website!

Our New Social-Side!

Well, my pom-poms are out and I’m cheering big!  The new WordPress website and all the new print collateral for The Savvy Socialista is here!!!  It’s been a LOOONNNGGG process and if I told you it all, you’d be yawning.  Just know, I wanted every piece of The Savvy Socialista to represent everything we are about.  I didn’t want anyone to question what I do or what I can do for…

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A Rock N Giveaway!

Rock N Courture Final Collage

WINNER! WINNER!  WE HAVE A WINNER! Comment #13 Cara said: “I heart the clutches and the big original burlap bag…so unique and high fashion. Everything is fab, thank you Miss Savvy Socialista for hosting this spectacular giveaway!!! Big ‘ol Congrats to Cara!  I’ll email you to help you collect your fabulous new bag! I’m thrilled to my toes when I discover an incredible fashion accessory (just like any good woman would…

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A Package, A Package!

April 16th, 2011
A Package for me!

Seriously, ridiculous, I know! But still, I can’t help myself…when a package comes and has my name on it, I get all giddy! Today was no exception! I walked to the mailbox, like any other day (except when it gets up to 100 degrees, then I drive, let’s be honest here…a girl doesn’t want to sweat that much!). But, as I placed my key in the keyhole, twisted it and…

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Couture Nails And Toes!


Getting the hang of this whole blogging thing….it’s taking awhile.  I have no problems with my clients, but to get to my own stuff takes some time!  With all that said…this post has been in the works for you for some time!  It’s really a post for all my Local Lovelies with a little giveaway thrown in! So, here’s the question….do you love to have beautiful nails and toes?  I…

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